International Conference on Unani Medicine and Unani Day 2018

Minister of Development of North-East Region, Dr Jitendra Singh on 10 February 2018 inaugurated a two-day (10-11 February)’ International Conference on Unani Medicine’.

  • The theme of this conference is ‘Integration of Unani System of Medicine in Mainstream Healthcare’.
  •  The conference is hosted as part of Unani Day Celebration in New Delhi. 
  • This conference is bening hosted with the aim of promoting integration of Unani Medicine in mainstream healthcare across the globe.

Unani Day

    •  Every year Unani Day is celebrated on 11th February to mark the birth anniversary of Haqim Ajmal Khan.
    • First Unani Day was celebrated in 2017 at Hyderabad. 

Who was Haqim Ajmal Khan?

  • Hakim Ajmal Khan, born on 11th February 1868,  was the founder of scientific research in Unani system of medicine. 
  • To recognize his immense contribution to the system, the Ministry of AYUSH declared his birthday as Unani Day. 
  • The 1st Unani Day was celebrated at Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Hyderabad.  

About Unani Medicine

  • Unani Medicine which is also called Unani-tibb is a form of traditional medicine practiced in Middle- East and South-Asian countries. 
  • It refers to a tradition of Graeco-Arabic medicine, which is based on the teachings of Greek physician Hippocrates and Roman physician Galen and developed into an elaborate medical system in middle age era by Arabian and Persian physicians, such as Rhazes (al-Razi), Avicenna (Ibn-e- Sina), Al-Zahrawi, and Ibn Nafis.
  • It is said to be originated in Greece almost 2500 years back.
  • It is herbo- animo- mineral in origin (Approximately 90% herbal, 4-5% animal and 5-6 % mineral).
  •  Unani medicine is distinct feature of India’s composite culture and significance of it in Indian sub-continent is more important than ever before.

Ayush Ministry

    • The seperate Ministry of AYUSH was set up on 9th November 2014 to ensure the optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of health care. 
    • Earlier this ministry was known as the Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) which was created in March 1995 and renamed as Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) in November 2003.

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