Sehuencas water frog-World’s loneliest frog species

    • Sehuencas water frog (Telmatobius yuracare) has been looking for the female for the last 10 years in the Cochabamba Natural History Museum in Bolivia. But all efforts to find the female Sehuencas have failed so far.
    • The Global Wildlife Conservation has been trying over the past decade to find Romeo a mate and save the species. In this way, the search for Juliet of Romeo water frog continues for the past 10 years and funds are also being collected to find the female  mate. 
      – The Sehuencas frog was found in Bolivia in 2008. Since then, all efforts to find a single frog of this species have failed. 
    • If this Romeo water frog species does not get his Juliet, then this species will become extinct with exactly the same way as Lonesome George of the Galapagos Islands died childless in 2012.  Along with Lonesome George, all species of this group became extinct.
    • Sehuencas water frog is a native Bolivian amphibians frog. It is an endangered frog species. The average age of this species is 15 years.

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