Blue Economy and Blue Revolution

According to the central government many steps are being taken to blue economy. Some of those scheme are:  

  • According to the Central Government it is implementing a Central Plan Scheme on “Blue Revolution: Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries” with a vision to achieve economic prosperity of the country and the fishermen through utilization of full potential of water resources for development of fisheries in a sustainable manner.
  • National Policy on Marine Fisheries, 2017: In April 2017, Government has notified the ‘National Policy on Marine Fisheries, 2017’ (NPMF), which provides guidance for promoting ‘Blue Growth Initiative’ which focus on ushering ‘Blue Revolution’ (NeeliKranti) by sustainable utilization of fisheries wealth from the marine and other aquatic resources of the country for improving the lives and livelihoods of fishermen and their families.  The ‘Blue Revolution’ encompasses elements of the ‘Blue Growth Initiative’.
  • Cooperation from other countries: Some foreign countries are being engaged extensively by Indian Navy through material support, training, EEZ surveillance, provisioning of platforms, hydrographic assistances, joint exercises and offering slots in professional training courses, etc.

What is Blue Economy?

  • According to the World Bank, Blue Economy  comprise the range of economic sectors and related policies that together determine whether the use of oceanic resources is sustainable.
  • The “blue economy” concept seeks to promote economic growth, social inclusion, and the preservation or improvement of livelihoods while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability of the oceans and coastal areas.

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