Bose of Nakamuraya- An Indian Revolutionary in Japan

    • ‘Bose of Nakamuraya: An Indian Revolutionary in Japan’, is a book written by Professor Takeshi Nakajima. 
    • In this book, Proffessor Takeshi has mentioned that it was Rash Behari Bose who introduced orginial Indian Curry to Japan. 
    • According to this book Mr. Bose launched authentic Indian Curry at a new Nakamuraya cafe in 1927. 
    • The book says that, Bose wanted to prove that the so called Indian curry the Japanese were used to was a colonial invention. Hence getting his recipe on the Nakamuraya menu was therefore part of his anti-colonial struggle by trying to win back India’s food culture from British hands. 
    • Rash Behari Bose,  born in 1886 in  rural Bengal, was an Indian Revolutionary leader.  He was part of a group who threw bomb at the Viceroy, Lord Hardinge in December 1912 during the celebration of new imperial capital in New Delhi. In April 2015 he fled to Japan.

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