64,000 jobs increased during the April-June quarter of 2017

What: Quarterly Employment Survey (QES)

When: April 2016

Who: Labour Bureau

  • According to the the Sixth QES , 64,000 jobs has increased during the April-June quarter of 2017. This increasing trend is observed over and above the four preceding quarters.
  • The results also indicate a fall in manufacturing sector employment to the tune of 87,000. As per the survey this fall is attributed to seasonal activities during this period since unit level data suggest that fall in employment was essentially registered in brick manufacturing units with the onset of monsoons.

About Quarterly Employment Survey (QES)

  • Labour Bureau’s revamped Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) was launched in April, 2016 .
  • It measures relative change in employment situation over successive quarters in sizeable segment of Non-farm Industrial economy.
  • The survey covers 8 major sectors which constitute around 81 percent of the total employment of establishments employing 10 or more workers as per the sixth Economic census, conducted during January, 2013 to April, 2014. 

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