Cabinet approves inclusion of ‘Parivara and Talawara’ in the list of Scheduled Tribes

What: Parivara and Talawarav included in STs list

When: March 21, 2018

Where: Karnataka 

  • The Central Government on March 21, 2018  approved the inclusion of the communities, namely, ‘Parivara and Talawara’ as synonym of “Nayaka’ at SI. No. 38 in the list of Scheduled Tribes (STs) of Karnataka.
  • As per the Government, this move will fulfil the long term demand of ‘Parivara’ and Talawara’ communities for granting Scheduled Tribes status in the State of Karnataka. The persons belonging to “Parivara’ and Talawara’ communities will be eligible to get the Scheduled Tribe certificate from the State of Karnataka and will also be eligible for all benefits meant for the Scheduled Tribes in the State.

How and When

  • Karnataka Government had recommended for inclusion of “Parivara’ and Talawara’ communities as synonyms of ‘Nayaka’ appearing at SI. No. 38 in the list of Scheduled Tribes of the State of Karnataka.
  • The first specification of Scheduled Tribes in relation to a particular State or Union territory is by a notified Order of the President, after consultation with the State Government / UT concerned. Any subsequent inclusion in or exclusion from and other modifications in the list of Scheduled Tribes can be made only through an amending Act of Parliament.  
  • Scheduled Tribes are notified under Article 342 of the Constitution. Proposals received from concerned State Governments / UT Administrations, for scheduling of communities as Scheduled Tribes are processed according to extant modalities which were approved on 15.6.1999 and further amended on 25.6.2002 .

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