‘India Corner’ for 22 official Indian languages in foreign universities

  • The Ministry of External Affairs of India is planning to set up an ‘India Corner’ in select university libraries across the world to stock up books in 22 official Indian languages.
  • Libraries at the world class universities in most countries will have the India Corner.
  • It is an endevour to promote Indian languages in foreign countries.
  • Since the many of the Indian languages have a rich history and scholars as well as diaspora have huge interest in them.
  • The ‘India Corner’ will stock books promoting various aspects of India in 22 officially recognised languages of India such as its history and literature.
  • These languages include Hindi as well as English.
  • The ministry will go by the interest in each country for the languages and accordingly plan will be devised.
  • The cultural arm of the ministry, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), will oversee the plans for setting up more chairs in regional languages. The ICCR promotes teaching of Indian languages in foreign countries by supporting Chairs of Indian studies.
                                                                                                 (The news is based on HT)

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