Jackfruit to be Kerala’s official fruit

What: Jackfruit as the state fruit

Who: Kerala 

When: March 21, 2018

  • The Kerala government has decided to declare Jackfruit as its official fruit.
  • The state government will make an official declaration in this regard on March 21, based on a proposal of the Agriculture Department.
  • After the formal announcement the state government is also planning to promote the ‘Kerala Jackfruit’ as a brand at national as well as international level, highlighting its organic and nutritious qualities.
  • As per the State Agriculture Minister, the main objective of the declaring Jackfruit as the state fruit is to give a fillip to the production and sale of jackfruit and its value-added products.
  • The state government expects a total revenue of Rs 15,000 crore through sale of jack fruit and its allied products through the branding of the fruit. 
  • The Kerala Government has established a research centre  at Ambalavayal,  to carry out studies on jack fruit and tap its potential further.
  • The state government has already declared Elephant as the state animal, Great Hornbill as the state bird, Kanikonna as the state flower and pearl spot, popularly known as ‘karimeen’ as its state fish. 

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