Current Affairs Objective Questions-MCQ (16-30 November 2018)



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Question: For which work, Indian Navy commander Vijay Verma and Capt P. Rajkumar were honored with ‘Asian of the Year’ award?
(a) For selfless service in cyclone Titli relief operations
(b) To save  drowning ship of Rohingya in the Bay of Bengal.
(c) For cleaning oil spill near Chennai and the protection of marine biodiversity
(d) For selfless service in rescue operations during the Kerala floods.
Answer: d

(Indian Navy commander Vijay Varma and captain P. Rajkumar were among those honoured at the ‘Asian of The Year’ awards on November 28, acknowledging their selfless service and bravery in rescue operations during the Kerala floods.)

Question: Recently, a function was organised at Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota to celebrate the completion of 1000th motor casting of SPROB. What is SPROB?
(a) Solid propellant booster plant
(b) Cryogenic engine construction plant
(c) Launching Laboratory in Sriharikota
(d) Small satellite fuel motor
Answer: a
(A function was organised at Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota to celebrate the completion of 1000th solid motor casting by Solid Propellant Space Booster Plant (SPROB). The function was presided over by Chairman, ISRO and attended by former SHAR Directors, the former ISRO stalwarts, who has immensely contributed in establishment of SPROB. Solid propulsion plays an important role in launch vehicle technology. The reliability, simplicity, easy scalability and high thrust capability of a solid propulsion system makes it a preferable solution for a launch vehicle.)

Question: How many foreign satellites were launched from PSLV C-43?
(a) 28
(b) 29
(c) 30
(d) 31
Answer: c

(PSLV C-43 launched 31 satellites from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota which included 30 foreign satellites. These are: Australia (1), Canada (1), Columbia (1), Finland (1), Malaysia (1), Netherlands (1), Spain (1) and USA (23). The total weight of these satellites was about 261.50 kg. Satellites from Australia, Columbia, Malaysia and Spain were flown aboard PSLV for the first time. These foreign satellites launched are part of commercial arrangements between Antrix Corporation Limited and customers.)

Question: With reference to PSLV C-43, which one of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) It is an earth observation satellite.
(b) Its weight is 380 kilograms.
(c) The life span of this mission is 10 years.
(d) It was injected  into  Sun synchronous polar orbit.
Answer: c

(The Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO)  PSLV-C43 on November 29, 2018 successfully launched 31 satellites from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota.“The PSLV-C43 lifted off  the First Launch Pad and injected India’s Hyper-Spectral Imaging Satellite (HysIS) into the 645 km sun-synchronous polar orbit, 17 minutes and 19 seconds after the lift-off. HysIS is an earth observation satellite built around ISRO’s Mini Satellite-2 (IMS-2) bus weighing about 380kg.  The mission life of the satellite is five years.)

Question: The KONKAN-2018, which began on November 29, 2018, is the naval exercise between which two countries?
(a) India-France
(b) India-UK
(c) India-Russia
(d) India-USA
Answer: b

(The KONKAN series of exercises commenced in 2004, and since then has grown in scale. KONKAN-2018 began on 28 November, 2018  off Goa with units participating from both navies. The Bilateral KONKAN exercise provides a platform for the two Navies to periodically exercise at sea and in harbour, so as to build interoperability and share best practices.)

Question: What is the purpose of ‘Bhasha Sangam’ launched recently by the Government of India?
(a) Digital library of different Indian languages 
(b) A national annual symposium on Indian languages 
(c) Introducing school children to 22 Indian languages
(d) The museum of Indian languages 
Answer: c

(The government has launched a unique initiative called Bhasha Sangam to introduce school students to 22 Indian languages. The initiative, under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, was launched on 22nd of this month and will continue till the 21st of December. Bhasha Sangam is a programme for schools and educational institutions to provide multilingual exposure to students in Indian languages. Another objective of Bhasha Sangam is to enhance linguistic tolerance and respect and promote national integration.)

Question: Which is the first state of the country to launch the PanIndia Single Emergency Number ‘112’  under the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)?
(a) Himachal Pradesh
(b) Kerala
(c) Tamilnadu
(d) Odisha
Answer: a

(The Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh launched Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) for Himachal Pradesh at Mandi on November 28, 2018. Himachal Pradesh is the first state to launch pan-India single emergency number ‘112’ under ERSS. Under this project, one Emergency Response Centre (ERC) has been established in Shimla along with 12 District Command Centers (DCCs) covering entire State. Emergency Response Centre has been integrated with Police (100), Fire (101), Health (108) and Women helpline (1090) Services to provide emergency services via single emergency number – 112. The service also includes a ‘112 India’ mobile app integrated with Panic Button of smartphones and ERSS State website for ease of citizen in availing immediate assistance.)

Question: INDRA-2018, a joint military exercise, between India and Russia concluded on November 28, 2018 at the Babina Military Station. Where is the Babina Military Station located?
(a) Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
(b) Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
(c) Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
(d) Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
Answer: d

(The Tenth Edition of Indo-Russian joint military exercise EX INDRA 2018 culminated on 28 November 2018 after a joint tactical exercise and an impressive closing ceremony held at Babina Military Station, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. The eleven day long joint training that commenced on 18 November 2018 included developing common understanding of transnational terrorism, interoperability and conduct of joint tactical operations controlled by a Joint Command Post working under the aegis of United Nations.)

Question: Where was the 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) held?
(a)  Mumbai
(b) Bhubaneswar
(c)  Goa
(d) New Delhi
Answer: c

Question: Which film was conferred with the Golden Peacock Award for Best Film at the 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI)?
(a) The Aspern Papers
(b) Sealed Lips
(c) When the trees fall
(d) Donbass
Answer: d
(Donbass’ directed by Sergei Loznitsa has won the coveted Golden Peacock Award at the 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), which concluded in Goa on November 28, 2018. The Golden Peacock Award carries a cash prize of Rs 4 million (Rs 40 lakhs) to be shared equally between the Producer and the Director, Trophy and the citation.)

Question: Who among the following was appointed the President of National Skill Development Corporation?
(a) Arvind Panagariya
(b) Kumar Mangalam Birla
(c) Deepak Pariq
(d) A.M. Nayak
Answer: d

(Shri A.M. Naik has been appointed as Chairman of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Currently Shri Naik is the Group Chairman of India’s biggest engineering and construction conglomerate – Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T). He is one of the most respected management professionals in the country. His years of successful stewardship have resulted in building L&T as one of the strongest global businesses.)

Question: With which country, a protocol on Hygiene and Inspection requirements for the export of Fish Meal and Fish Oil from India  was signed on November 28 in New Delhi?
(a) With the USA
(b) With France
(c) With Germany
(d) With China
Answer: d

(A protocol on Hygiene and Inspection requirements for the export of Fish Meal and Fish Oil from India to China was signed on November 28 in New Delhi. The signing of Protocol formalises the consensus reached by both sides on hygiene and inspection requirements of fish meal and fish oil to be exported from India to China, and will enable India to commence export of fish meal and fish oil to China. China imports fish oil to the tune of USD 143.29 million, and fish meal to the tune of USD 263.43 million, and signing of the protocol between the two countries paves the way for export of Indian fish oil and fish meal to China.)

Question: Arvind Saxena has been appointed at which post?
(a) Member of the National Human Rights Commission
(b) Chairman of DRDO
(c) Chairman of the National Child Rights Protection Commission
(d) Chairman of UPSC
Answer: d

(Arvind Saxena has been appointed as Chairman of Union Public Service Commission, UPSC. The term of his appointment will be till 7th of August, 2020 when he attains 65 years. Mr Saxena joined UPSC as a Member on 8th May, 2015 and has been performing duties of the post of Chairman, UPSC since 20th of June this year)

Current Affairs Objective Questions E-Book (January-September 2018)


Question: What is the ‘Elysium Planitia’, which was recently in the news?
(a) An active volcano in Italy
(b) A mountain of Iceland where the oldest human remains have been found.
(c) Landing site of Insight Mission on Mars
(d) Active volcano on Jupiter planet
Answer: c
(NASA’s Insight Mission  lander touched down on Nov. 26, near Mars’ equator on the western side of a flat, smooth expanse of lava called Elysium Planitia, )

Question: What is the objective of NASA’s Insight Mission, which landed on Mars on November 26, 2018?
(a) To study Fast Radio Broad on Mars
(b) To study atmospheric structure of Mars
(c) To study internal structure of Mars
(d) To study possibility of future human habitation on Mars
Answer: c

(NASA’s Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) lander successfully touched down on the Red Planet after an almost seven-month, 300-million-mile (458-million-kilometer) journey from Earth. InSight’s two-year mission will be to study the deep interior of Mars to learn how all celestial bodies with rocky surfaces, including Earth and the Moon, formed. InSight launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California May 5. The lander touched down on Nov. 26, near Mars’ equator on the western side of a flat, smooth expanse of lava called Elysium Planitia, with a signal affirming a completed landing sequence at 11:52 a.m. PST (2:52 p.m. EST).)

Question: What is MarCO , which was in the news recently?
(a) China’s first supersonic nuclear submarine
(b) Arctic Ice Breaker of the European Union
(c) Arctic Ice Breaker of Russia
(d) NASA’s CubeSats for Mars
Answer: d
(Insight Mission landing signal was relayed to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, via NASA’s two small experimental Mars Cube One (MarCO) CubeSats, which launched on the same rocket as InSight and followed the lander to Mars. They are the first CubeSats sent into deep space. After successfully carrying out a number of communications and in-flight navigation experiments, the twin MarCOs were set in position to receive transmissions during InSight’s entry, descent and landing.)

Question: Which of the following states organized a ‘Maitree Day’ multi-cultural social event on 28-29 November?
(a) Manipur
(b) West Bengal
(c) Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Assam
Answer: c

(In Arunachal Pradesh, Maitree Diwas, a multi-cultural social event, organized at Tawang on November 28th and 29th.  It is jointly organized by the local civil administration and the Tawang Military Garrison. Maitree Diwas aims at celebrating the strong spirit of friendship and bonhomie that exists between the civilians and the Indian Army.  This was the 10th Maitree Diwas since it was initiated by Late Dorjee Khandu, Former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh in 2004.)

Question: Which of the following state government launched the ‘ Mo Cycle’, a Public Bicycle Sharing system on November 26, 2018?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Haryana
(c) Karnataka
(d) Odisha
Answer: d

(The Odisha government on November 26 launched a Public Bicycle Sharing system to reduce traffic congestion, enhance space efficiency, and improve air quality in Bhubaneswar. Capital Region Urban Transport and Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited have come together for the PBS, which has been christened as ‘Mo Cycle’ system. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik flagged off a promotional rally on November 26 from Airport Square to Kalinaga Stadium in this regard.)

Question:  Iravatham Mahadevan, who passed away recently, is known for his works in the field of: 
(a) Classical music
(b) Epigraphy
(c) Ayurveda
(d) Ornithology
Answer: b

(Iravatham Mahadevan, 88, one of the world’s leading scholars on the Indus Valley Script, the pre-eminent scholar on the Tamil Brahmi script, and a man of many accomplishments, passed awar on Novermber 26. He was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship in 1970 for his research on the Indus script and the National Fellowship of the Indian Council of Historical Research in 1992 for his work on the Tamil Brahmi inscriptions.)

Question: Where did the Global Textile Conclave 2018  organized?
(a) New Delhi
(b) Ahmedabad
(c) Varanasi
(d) Mumbai
Answer: a
(Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated the CITI Global Textiles Conclave 2018 in New Delhi on November 27. He called for modernization of textile industry by providing required skill, investment and market to recapture India’s past glory in the textiles sector. )

Question: Which country’s scientist on 26th November, 2018  claimed the birth of the world’s first twin girls by gene editing method ?
(a) USA
(b) Japan
(c) Australia
(d) China
Answer: d

(He Jiankui , a scientist associated with the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, has claimed that  he had altered the genes of twins born earlier this month, creating the first gene edited babies. He said in five videos posted on November 26, 2018, that he used a gene-editing technology known as CRISPR-Cas9 to edit the genes of twin girls. After the YouTube video of scientist surfaced, Chinese health and medical ethics authorities started an investigation on the claim.)

Question: Who was Bernardo Bertolucci, who died at the age of 77?
(a) Film Director
(b) Novelist
(c) Economist
(d) Science fiction writer
Answer: a
(Italian film director Bernardo Bertolucci, whose films include Last Tango In Paris and 1900, died in on November 6 aged 77. Considered one of the giants of world cinema, Mr. Bertolucci was the only Italian ever to win the Oscar for best film, snapping up the award in 1988 for The Last Emperor. He had gained notoriety for his 1972 erotic drama Last Tango In Paris starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider, which featured a controversial sex scene involving butter.)

Question: What is ‘Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti’, which was launched by Defense Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman on November 27, 2018?
(a) Developing country’s defense spirit in schools
(b) Providing higher education to the army personnel
(c) To boost IPR culture in indigenous defence industry
(d) Making Indian defense production self-reliant by 2025
Answer: c

(Raksha Mantri Smt Nirmala Sitharaman formally launched ‘Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti’, in New Delhi on November 27, 2018. As part of the ongoing initiatives to enhance self-reliance in defence, the Department of Defence Production has instituted a new framework titled ‘Mission Raksha GyanShakti’ which aims to provide a boost to the IPR culture in indigenous defence industry. The Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) has been entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating and implementing the programme. The event brought out that the end objective of ‘Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti’ is to inculcate IP culture in Indian defence manufacturing ecosystem. )

Question: NPCC, was recently given status of  Miniratna Company. Under which ministry is this PSU function?
(a) Ministry of Urban Development
(b) Ministry of Water Resources
(c) Ministry of Earth Sciences
(d) Ministry of Commerce
Answer: b

(National Projects Construction Corporation Limited (NPCC) has been conferred with the status of Miniratna : Category –I by the Government of India.“The empowerment of Miniratna Status to NPCC will help the company in taking speedy decisions by enhancing the delegation of powers to the Board. NPCC, a schedule ‘B’ CPSE under the administrative control of Ministry of Water Resources RD & GR, has also been awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification.)


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Question: Which two cities of India have been selected by the United Nations for ‘Global Sustainable Cities 2025’ initiative in the University City category?
(a) Pune and New Delhi
(b) Ahmedabad and Gurgaon
(c) Noida and Greater Noida
(d) Mumbai and Delhi
Answer: c

(The United Nations on November 25 selected Uttar Pradesh’s Noida and Greater Noida to participate in its Global Sustainable Cities 2025 initiative, officials said. The twin-cities in Gautam Buddh Nagar district, adjoining the national capital, have been selected in the “University City” category ahead of Mumbai and Bengaluru as the only invitee from India, a senior UN official said. Overall 25 cities across the world have been selected in five categories by the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) cities initiative, Senior UN Advisor and CEO UN Global Sustainability Index Institute Roland Schatz told reporters.)

Question: Where is the Horse Bowl Lake, which was recently in the news?
(a) Bihar
(b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) Manipur
(d) Odisha
Answer: a
(Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on November 25 has unveiled a 70-feet tall statue of Lord Buddha in the middle of Lake Ghora Katora at Rajgir in Nalanda district. It is the second tallest statue of Buddha in the country.  It is made of pink sandstone. )



Question: Which one of the following cyclones has been termed as the  ‘rarest cyclone’ by the  ‘Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES) for Africa and Asia?
(a) Cyclone Gaja
(b) Cyclone Ockhi
(c) Cyclone Titli
(d) Cyclone Mora
Answer: c

(The Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES) for Africa and Asia, a 45-nation international organisation on disaster warning, has termed ‘Titli’, the severe cyclonic storm that devastated Odisha in October, as ‘rarest cyclone’. The UN-registered organisation said: “Considering the history of cyclone tracks, no synthetic track projection captures the Titli type of cyclones. The forecast information available lacks actionable early warning information such as no indication of occurrence of secondary hazards, including landslides far away from the coasts.”)

Question: Consider the following species:
1. Narcondam Hornbill
2. Nicobar megapod
3. Long-tailed Nicobar Macaque
4. Nicobar treeshrew
Which of the above mentioned species are only found  on the Andaman and Nicobar islands?
(a) Only 1, 2 and 3
(b) Only 2, 3 and 4
(c) Only 1, 2 and 4
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4
Answer: d

(The Narcondam hornbill, its habitat restricted to a lone island; the Nicobar megapode, a bird that builds nests on the ground; the Nicobar treeshrew, a small mole-like mammal; the Long-tailed Nicobar macaque, and the Andaman day gecko, are among the 1,067 endemic faunal species found only on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and nowhere else. A recent publication by the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) titled Faunal Diversity of Biogeographic Zones: Islands of India has for the first time come up with a database of all faunal species found on the island, putting the number at 11,009. The documentation proves that the islands, comprising only 0.25% of India’s geographical area, are home to more than 10% of the country’s fauna species.)

Question: Under which of the following schemes was the “PAiSA” portal launched on November 26, 2018?
(a) Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
(b) Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana
(c) Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojna
(d) Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission

Answer: d
(A centralized electronic platform for processing interest subvention on bank loans to beneficiaries under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) named “PAiSA – Portal for Affordable Credit and Interest Subvention Access”, was launched on November 26, 2018 in New Delhi. The web platform has been designed and developed by Allahabad Bank which is the Nodal bank.)

Question: On which date  the Constitution Day celebrated?
(a) November 23
(b) November 24
(c) November 25
(d)  November 26
Answer: d

(The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the Constitution Day celebrations, organised by the Supreme Court, to mark the anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution on November 26, 1949, on November 26, 2018 in New Delhi.)

Question: Who  laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Dera Baba Nanak-Kartarpur Sahib Corridor in Punjab on November 26, 2018?
(a) President Shri Ram Nath Kovind
(b) Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu
(c) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
(d) Urban Development Minister Shri Hardeep Singh Puri
Answer: b

(Marking a new beginning in India-Pakistan relations and heralding the possibility of reducing the tensions between the two countries, the Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu on November 26, 2018 laid the foundation stone for construction of Dera Baba Nanak – Kartapur Sahib corridor on the Indian side that will provide a passage to Sikh pilgrims to visit the holy site of Gurudwara Darbar Sahib at Kartarpur in Pakistan. The event also marked the commemoration of 550th birth anniversary year of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. )

Question: On which date was the National Milk Day observed?
(a) November 23
(b) November 24
(c) November 25
(d) November  26
Answer: d

(Union Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh has said that agriculture and dairy business complement each other for the social and economic upliftment of cattle farmers. To achieve this objective, it is essential to have good quality livestock breed in order to increase production. Speaking on the occasion of “National Milk Day” (November 26, 2018) he said that under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM), 10 semen centres have been identified for the production of Sex Sorted Semen for the production of more female animals. Proposals for two centres, in Uttarakhand and Maharashtra, have been approved.)

Question: On which occasion National Milk Day is celebrated in India?
(a) On the occasion of the launch of Operation Flood
(b) On the occasion of becoming first in milk production in world 
(c) On the occasion of becoming self-sufficiency in milk production
(d) On the Birthday of Dr. Verghese Kurien
Answer: d

(In 2014, all the dairy majors of India, along with the Indian Dairy Association, decided to observe the birthday of Verghese Kurien, on November 26, as National Milk Day. Kurien was the architect of Operation Flood which was launched in 1970 by India’s National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).)

Question: Recently, a dead whale was found on the coast of which country, with 115 plastic cups and 2 flip-flops found in its stomach?
(a) Brazil
(b) Thailand
(c) Indonesia
(d) Australia
Answer: c

(A dead whale that washed ashore in eastern Indonesia had a large lump of plastic waste in its stomach, including flip-flops and 115 drinking cups, a park official has said, causing concern among environmentalists and government officials in one of the world’s largest plastic polluting countries. Researchers from wildlife conservation group WWF and the park’s conservation academy found about 5.9kg (13lbs) of plastic waste in the animal’s stomach containing 115 plastic cups, four plastic bottles, 25 plastic bags, two flip-flops, a nylon sack and more than 1,000 other assorted pieces of plastic.)

Question: Which of the following tribal communities are found on Andaman and Nicobar islands?
1. Jarawa
2. Onge
3. Sentinelese 
4. Shompen

(a) Only 1,  2 and 3 
(b) Only 2, 3 and 4
(c) Only 1, 2 and 4
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4
Answer: d

Question: Which of the followings have joined hands to provide security to Dudhwa forests and its rich wildlife in Uttar Pradesh?
(a) Central Industrial Security Force
(b) Indo-Tibetan Border Police
(c) Sashastra Seema Bal
(d) Central Reserve Police Force
Answer: c

(Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and Sashastra Seema Bal have joined hands to provide security to Dudhwa forests and its rich wildlife. A consensus was reached among all security agencies including SSB on the border and the Dudhwa field staff to strengthen the patrolling in and around Dudhwa to check forest and wildlife crimes.)

Question: M.H. Ambrish, popularly known as ‘Rebel Star’, who died on November 24, 2018, worked in films of which language?
(a) Tamil
(b) Malayali
(c) Kannada
(d) Telugu
Answer: c

(Kannada actor and politician M H Ambareesh, popularly known as ‘Rebel Star’ in Sandalwood and politician from Mandya, died on November 24 at 66. He was a former Union minister as well as a minister in the Karnataka government.  Ambareesh made his silverscreen debut as a villain in 1972 in ‘Nagarahaavu’ directed by Puttanna Kanagal. He became a hero with the movie ‘Amarnath’ in 1978 and went on to rule the Kannada film industry along with actors Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan.)

Q: Mary Kom created history by becoming the first female boxer to win how many gold medals at world Boxing Championships?
(a) Five
(b) Six
(c) seven
(d) Eight
Answer: b

(MC Mary Kom created history after she outclassed Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota by a unanimous 5-0 decision in the women’s 48-kilogram light flyweight final of the Women’s World Boxing Championships in New Delhi on November 24, 2018. Mary Kom becomes first female boxer to win six gold medals at world championships.  The 35-year-old Mary Kom from Manipur previously won the gold medal in 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 editions of the Championships.)

Question: In which event, Bhavani Devi became the first Indian to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth Championship?
(a) Golf
(b) Fencing
(c) Eskrima
(d) Kendo
Answer: b

(India’s Bhavani Devi won the gold medal in the Sabre event in the Senior Commonwealth Fencing Championship 2018 held in Canberra, Australia.  Bhavani Devi is the first Indian to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth Championship. She defeated England’s Emily Ruaux 15-12 in the final.)

Question: Australia won the Women’s T-20 Championship (2018) for the fourth time defeating which country?
(a) India
(b) England
(c) Pakistan
(d) South Africa
Answer: b

(Australia has lifted the Women’s World Twenty-20 title for the fourth time.“In the final match played at Antigua on November 24, the Aussies recorded an emphatic 8-wicket win over England to win their first world title since 2014. )

Question: CK Jafar Sharif, who died at 85 years of age, was Railway Minister in which Prime Minister’s tenure?
(a) Rajiv Gandhi
(b) Manmohan Singh
(c) P.V. Narasimha Rao
(d) V. P. Singh
Answer: c

(Veteran Congress leader and former Railway Minister Challakere Kareem Jaffer Sharief, 85, passed away on November 25.   He was the eight-time member of the Lok Sabha. He entered the Lok Sabha winning the 1971 elections from Kanakapura constituency. He was Railway Minister in the Narasimha Rao government and had served as Minister of State in the Indira Gandhi and the Rajiv Gandhi governments.)

Question: Where did Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar, unveil the second highest statue of Lord Buddha on November 25, 2018?
(a)  Vaishali

(b)  Bodhgaya
(c) Rajgir
(d)  Patna
Answer: c

(Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday unveiled a 70-foot-tall statue of Lord Buddha at Rajgir in Nalanda district. Mr. Kumar unveiled the statue of Lord Buddha, the second tallest statue of Buddha in the country, in the presence of Mahabodhi temple’s chief monk Bhante Chalinda.)

Question: Voters in which country passed a referendum on November 24, 2018 asking that marriage be restricted to one man and one woman?
(a) Germany
(b) Taiwan
(c) Vietnam
(d) South Korea
Answer: b

(Voters in Taiwan passed a referendum asking that marriage be restricted to one man and one woman.The vote on November 24, goes against a May 2017 Constitutional Court ruling, which directed legislators then to make same-sex marriage legal within two years, a first for Asia.)

Question: A bird named ‘Tamenglong’ after the place in Manipur by forest officials and set free by them with a GPS-fitted transmitter on November 5 reached Somalia at 1 pm on November 24, 2018 after flying a distance of 5,700 km.. This bird belongs to which species? 
(a) Siberian Crane
(b) Wood Sandpiper
(c) Amur Falcon
(d) Greater Flamingo
Answer: c

(A female Amur falcon named ‘Tamenglong’ after the place in Manipur by forest officials and set free by them with a GPS-fitted transmitter on November 5 reached Somalia at 1 pm on November 24 after flying a distance of 5,700 km. Every year Amur falcons take a long journey covering many countries including China, Mongolia, Russia and India to reach Somalia.)

Question: Recently, the Jezero Crater was in the news. Where is it located?
(a) On Mars
(b) In Arctic
(c) On Venus
(d) On Jupiter  
Answer: a
(The car-size Mars 2020 rover will explore the 28-mile-wide (45 kilometers) Jezero Crater, which hosted a deep lake in the ancient past. If current schedules hold, the six-wheeled robot will launch on July 17, 2020, and touch down on Feb. 18, 2021. The landing site in Jezero Crater offers geologically rich terrain, with landforms reaching as far back as 3.6 billion years old, that could potentially answer important questions in planetary evolution and astrobiology.)

Question: To monitor which of the followings, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has developed a new technology called ‘Impact Based Forecasting Approach’?
(a) Direction of cyclone
(b) Humidity in the soil
(c) Water levels in rivers
(d) Air Pollution
Answer: c

(The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has developed a new technology to assess the rise of water level in rivers and reservoirs by rain. The technology, called ‘Impact Based Forecasting Approach’, which shows pre-event scenario, can help state governments to minutely monitor the impact of rain and take real-time decisions. )

Question: UNICEF has appointed Nahid Afrin as the first ‘youth advocate’ of the northeastern region . From which field she belongs?
(a) Music
(b) Sports
(c) Human rights
(d) Education
Answer: a
(Popular singer Nahid Afrin of Assam has been appointed as the first ‘Youth Advocate’ of the northeastern region by the UNICEF to fight for child rights. The UNICEF engages ‘Youth Advocates’ to harness their voice as agents of change in society. Nahid made her playback debut in the 2016 Bollywood film ‘Akira’ starring Sonakshi Sinha in the lead. She received the best female playback singer award at the Assam state Film Award 2018.)

Question: According to the World Meteorological Organization, the atmospheric concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere reached highest level in 2017 . What was the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere in the year 2017?
(a) 205.5 parts per million
(b) 305.5 parts per million
(c) 405.5 parts per million
(d) 605.5 parts per million
Answer: c

(According the the WMO, Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are now far above pre-industrial levels, with no sign of a reversal of the upward trend. Levels of CO2 rose to a global average of 405.5 parts per million in the atmosphere in 2017 – almost 50% higher than before the industrial revolution.The last time the Earth experienced a comparable concentration of CO2 was 3-5m years ago, when the temperature was 2-3C warmer and sea level was 10-20 metres higher than now,” said the WMO secretary general, Petteri Taalas. Levels of methane, a potent greenhouse gas responsible for about 17% of global warming are now 2.5 times higher than pre-industrial times owing to emissions from cattle, rice paddies and leaks from oil and gas wells. )

Question: At which of the following places the first International Public Art Symposium (IPAS)- the first open-air museum of waste-to-art was inaugurated  on 20th November, 2018?
(a) Hyderabad
(b) Pune
(c) Bhubaneswar
(d) Udaipur
Answer: c

(The First International Public Art Symposium (IPAS), jointly organised by the Artist Network Promoting Indian Culture (ANPIC), the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) was inaugurated by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in Bhuvaneswar on November 20, 2018. IPAS is the first open-air museum of waste-to-art where noted artists from 14 countries have come to participate and made different sculpture from waste materials and scraps.)

Question: The Central Government approved the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor. In India, it will connect:
(a) Anandpur Sahib to Hemkund Sahib
(b) Anandpur sahib to Damdama Sahib
(c) Gurudwara Darbar Sahib to International border 
(d) Dudama Sahib to Gurudwara Darbar Sahib
Answer: c

(In a significant decision, the Union Cabinet approved the building and development of the Kartarpur corridor from Dera Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur district to the international border, in order to facilitate pilgrims from India to visit Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur on the banks of the Ravi river, in Pakistan, where Shri Guru Nanak Devji spent eighteen years. Pilgrims would then be able to visit the holy shrine throughout the year. The Kartarpur corridor will be implemented as an integrated development project with Government of India funding, to provide smooth and easy passage, with all the modern amenities. Government of India will put in place suitable facilities for smooth passage of pilgrims. Government of Pakistan will be urged to recognize the sentiments of the Sikh community and to develop a corridor with suitable facilities in their territory as well.)

Question: The Central Government has notified inclusion of  Quadricycle as a non-transport vehicle under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Which one of the following statements is not correct about Quadricycle?
(a) It is a vehicle of the size of a 3-wheeler.
(b) There are four tires in it.
(c) It has an engine like that of a 3-wheeler.
(d) It has not been recognized as a transport vehicle yet.
Answer: d
(Road Transport and Highways Ministry has notified the ion of the item Quadricycle as a non-transport vehicle under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. A Quadricycle is a vehicle of the size of a 3-wheeler but with four tyres. It is fully covered like a car and has an engine like that of a 3-wheeler. An official release said, this makes it a cheap and safe mode of transport for last mile connectivity. Quadricycles were only allowed for transport usage under the Act, but now has been made usable for non-transport also.)

Question: Ustad Imrat Khan, who died in America at 83, was associated with which instrument?
(a) Tabla
(b) Harmonium
(c) Sitar
(d) Sarod
Answer: c

(Classical music stalwart Ustad Imrat Khan, who dedicated his life to propagating the Sitar and the surbahar worldwide, has died in the US after a brief illness. He was 83. Imrat Khan famously turned down the Padma Shri last year saying the recognition had come too late and diminished his achievements. Imrat Khan toured the world with his music and performed at the Cannes Film Festival in 1970 for a Merchant-Ivory partnership. He was also a regular at various music festivals in India. )

Question: The Central Government has approved the implementation of the umbrella scheme called ‘ACROSS’. What is the purpose of this scheme?
(a) Skill Development
(b) Atmospheric and climate research
(c) Agricultural Research and Development
(d) Antarctica research
Answer: b

(The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on November 22, 2018 approved continuation of the nine sub-schemes of the umbrella scheme “Atmosphere & Climate Research-Modelling Observing Systems & Services (ACROSS)” during 2017-2020 at an estimated cost of Rs. 1450 crore. It will be implemented by the Ministry of Earth Sciences)

Question: What percentage of Jute Packaging has been made mandatory by the Central Government for grains and sugar?
(a) 50 percent for grains and 30 percent for sugar
(b) 60 percent for grain and 50 percent for sugar
(c) 90 percent for grain and 40 percent for sugar
(d) 100% for grain and 20% for sugar
Answer: d

(The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, has given its approval to expand the scope of mandatory packaging norms under the Jute Packaging Material (JPM) Act, 1987. The CCEA approved that 100 per cent of the food grains and 20 per cent of sugar shall be mandatorily packed in diversified jute bags. The decision to pack sugar in diversified jute bags will give an impetus to the diversification of the jute industry. Initially 10 per cent of the indents of jute bags for packing foodgrains would be placed through reverse auction on the Gem portal. This will gradually usher in a regime of price discovery.)

Question: The first picture of ‘Ortolan Bunting’ was captured and released in India. What species is this?
(a) A bird
(b) A frog
(c) An Armadillo
(d) Lizard
Answer: a

(In a rare sighting that has been photographed, birder K. Vivek Nayak from Mangaluru captured through his lens the ‘Ortolan Bunting’, which breeds from Mongolia to Europe and migrates to Africa via the Middle East. Mr. Nayak, from Coastal Karnataka Birdwatchers’ Network spotted the bird at Kenjar, on the outskirts of the city, on Sunday (November 18) at about 4.15 p.m. The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) red list of threatened species has placed Ortolan bunting in the “Least Concern” category.)

Question: With which country was the MoU on consumer protection and Legal Metrology approved by the Union Cabinet on November 22, 2018?
(a) Mauritius
(b) England
(c) France
(d) Australia
Answer: a

(The Union Cabinet has approved MoU between India and Mauritius on Consumer Protection and Legal Metrology. The MoU is beneficial for bilateral relations of both the countries. It will help in expanding cooperation in the field of consumer protection, and will provide an institutional mechanism for exchange of information and derive mutual benefits from development taking place in both the countries.)

Question: To promote science and technology, the MoU was approved between the Atal Innovation Mission, India and the  Fund ‘Talent and Success’ of which country?
(a) USA
(b) France
(c) Germany
(d) Russia
Answer: d

(The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been apprised of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Atal Innovation Mission, India and Fund “Talent and Success”, Russia for promotion of science & technology, strong foundation to the collaborative work through exchange of students, teachers, researchers and scientists between both countries. The MoU was signed on October 5, 2018.)

Question: ‘She-Box’ portal has been linked to all the Union Ministries and districts of India. What is the objective She-Box?
(a) For funding treatment of women of BPL category
(b) To provide legal aid to poor people
(c) For complaint of sexual harassment
(d) For domestic violence complaint
Answer: c

(The Ministry of Women and Child Development has linked SHe-Box, the online portal to report complaints of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, to all the Central Ministries, Departments and 653 districts across 33 States/Union Territories.“For prompt disposal of complaints on SHe-Box, each case goes directly to the central/ state authority concerned having jurisdiction to take action in the matter.“Cases on She-Box can be monitored by the complainants and Ministry WCD, reducing the time taken in case disposal. Launched in 2017, SHe-Box portal is an effort to provide speedy remedy to women facing sexual harassment at workplace. With the linking of the portal to central and state governments, once a complaint is submitted to the portal, it will be directly sent to the section of the employer concerned.)

Question: Where was the 7th International Tourism Mart organised for Northeast India?
(a) Kohima
(b) Imphal
(c) Guwahati
(d) Agartala
Answer: d

(The Governor of Tripura Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki inaugurated the “7th International Tourism Mart for the North-East States” in Agartala on November 22, 2018. The International Tourism Marts are organised every tear in the North Eastern States on rotation basis. The earlier editions of this mart had been held in Guwahati, Tawang, Shillong, Gangtok and Imphal. The North East Region of India comprising the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim is endowed with diverse tourist attractions and products. The varied topography of the region, its flora and fauna, the ethnic communities with their rich heritage of ancient traditions and lifestyles, its festivals, arts and crafts, make it a holiday destination waiting to be explored.)

Question: Which of the following organisations was conferred with the Asia Environment Enforcement Awards, 2018 of the United Nations?
(a) National River Conservation Directorate
(b) Wildlife Crime Control Bureau
(c) Central Pollution Control Board
(d) Indian Meteorological Department
Answer: b

(United Nation Environment has awarded Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB), Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India with Asia Environment Enforcement Awards, 2018 for excellent work done by the Bureau in combating transboundary environmental crime. The Asia Environment Enforcement Awards publicly recognize and celebrate excellence in enforcement by government officials and institutions/teams combating transboundary environmental crime in Asia.)

Question: Which state has launched  Jalyukta Shivar Scheme?
(a) Telangana
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Karnataka
Answer: c

(In 2014, Maharashtra received 70.2% rainfall and total number of tankers deployed in the week beginning November 17, 2014, was 71. In 2015, the state received 59.4% rainfall and as per the data from Water Supplies and Sanitation department the number of tankers deployed in the corresponding week was 693. The implementation of the Jalyukta Shivar gained momentum after that. In 2018, the State has received total rainfall of 74.4% but as of November 17, 2018 the total number of tankers used stands at 715.)

Question: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has asked the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) to consider declaring all elephant corridors in India as eco-sensitive zones. How many elephant corridors are there in  in India?
(a) 81
(b) 91
(c) 101
(d) 111
Answer: c

(Elephant corridors are narrow strips of land that connect two large habitats. The Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) in collaboration with Project Elephant and the U.K.-based NGO Elephant Family, have identified and records details pertaining to 101 elephant corridors across India. Of these 101 corridors, 28 are located in south India, 25 in central India, 23 in northeastern India, 14 in northern West Bengal and 11 in northwestern India.)

Question: In which country did President Shri Ram Nath Kovind pay tribute to the ANZAC War Memorial on November 21, 2018?
(a) New Zealand
(b) Australia
(c) Spain
(d) Vietnam
Answer: b

(President Shri Ram Nath Kovind on November 21, 2018, visited the ANZAC War Memorial in Sydney. It was constructed in 1934 in remembrance of the Australian Imperial Force that took part in World War I. Mr Kovind laid a wreath at the memorial and paid homage to those who laid down their lives in the war.)

Question: On 21st November, 2018, President Shri Ram Nath Kovind visited  Australia. Who is the first President of India to paid first state visit to Australia?
(a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(b) Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
(c) Mr. K. R, Narayanan
(d) Shri Ram Nath Kovind
Answer: d

(The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, reached Sydney, Australia, on November 21, 2018 for the final leg of his two-nation state visit to Vietnam and Australia. This is the first state visit to Australia by a President of India.)

Question: Carlos Ghosn, who was taken into custody for financial misconduct, was the chairman of which company?
(a) Hyundai Motors
(b) Nissan Motors
(c) Volkswagen
(d) Mercedes
Answer: b

(Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. chairman Carlos Ghosn was ousted and arrested for alleged financial misconduct. The Japanese automaker said Mr. Ghosn’s alleged misconduct included personal use of company money and under-reporting how much he had been paid. Mr. Ghosn is also chairman and chief executive of Nissan’s French partner Renault and one of the best-known figures in the global car industry, and his departure would raise questions over the alliance.)

Current Affairs Objective Questions E-Book (January-September 2018)

Question: According to the World Health Organization’s latest malaria report, India – a country that represents 4% of the global malaria burden – recorded what percent of reduction in cases in 2017 compared to 2016?
(a) 14 percent
(b) 8 percent
(c) 24 percent
(d) 34 percent
Answer: c

(India – a country that represents 4% of the global malaria burden – recorded a 24% reduction in cases in 2017 compared to 2016. However, for the second consecutive year, the annual report produced by WHO reveals a plateauing in numbers of people affected by malaria: in 2017, there were an estimated 219 million cases of malaria, compared to 217 million the year before. But in the years prior, the number of people contracting malaria globally had been steadily falling, from 239 million in 2010 to 214 million in 2015.)

Question: Who is the author of ‘Didi: The Untold Mamata Banerjee’ book?
(a) Derek O’Brien
(b) Shutpa Paul
(c) Partha Chatterjee
(d) Gautam Deb
Answer: b

(A biography of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was released in bookstores across the country on November 19. The biography, Didi: The Untold Mamata Banerjee, penned down by journalist Shutapa Paul, has been published by Penguin India. The book brings out the unique position the Trinamool Congress supremo has occupied in Indian politics.)


Question: Which aboriginal tribe of Andaman-Nicobar, recently killed an American who entered the earlier restricted area?
(a) Jarawa
(b) Onge
(c) The Great Andamanese
(d) Sentinelese
Answer: d

(A US citizen has been allegedly killed by Sentinelese tribesmen, one of the last remaining uncontacted tribal groups in the world. 27-year-old John Allen Chau was last seen alive on November 16. For a long time, the North Sentinel Island, the home of the Sentinelese, had been out of bounds to Indian citizens and foreign nationals. However, in the first week of August 2018, the government of India removed the Restricted Area Permit (RAP) from 29 islands in Andaman, in order to foster tourism in the archipelago of Andaman & Nicobar. Thus, foreigners will now no longer require the RAP till December 31, 2022, to explore 29 islands in the Union Territory. The Sentinelese tribe, which is protected under the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulation Act, 1956, is one of the aboriginal groups of the islands which also include the Great Andamanese, the Jarawa, the Onge, the Shompen and the Nicobarese. They are descended from the earliest humans that ventured out of Africa. Source: Down to Earth)

Question: Which of the following states launched the program called ‘Bhudhaar’ on November 20, 2018?
(a) Karnataka
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Telangana
(d) Andhra Pradesh
Answer: d

(Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu launched  ‘Bhudhaar’, programme on November 20, 2018 at Undavalli. It will consist of an 11-digit unique figure aimed at enabling easy identification of details of the land parcel. As per the Chief Minister, as part of the efforts to protect the lands in the State and make the Revenue Department corruption-free, the State government has been taking many initiatives, the latest being ‘Bhudhaar’, which is the first of its kind in the country. The C.M. said it would put an end to irregularities in land registration and corruption.)

Question: To address the problem of inadequacy of ambulances, which state government has announced an Ola and Uber-like app-based service that enables the public to book a private ambulance digitally?
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Haryana
(d) Karnataka
Answer: a

(To address the problem of inadequacy of ambulances, the Andhra Pradesh government has announced an Ola and Uber-like app-based service that enables the public to book a private ambulance digitally. Through the digital pooling of private ambulances, the government plans to complement its existing fleet.)

Question: Name the former Judge of Supreme Court of India, whose 104th birth anniversary  was celebrated on November 20, 2018 and who was Minister in the first Communist government led by E.M.S Namboodiripad in Kerala?
(a) N. Chandrashekhar Iyer
(b) N. Rajagopala Ayyangar
(c) C. A. Vaidyialingam
(d) V. R. Krishna Iyer
Answer: d

(104th birth anniversary of former Supreme Court Judge Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer was celebrated in New Delhi on November 20. He was Minister in the first Communist government led by E.M.S Namboodiripad in Kerala.)

Question: From which post did Eric Solheim resign on November 21, 2018?
(a) Director General of World Health Organization
(b) Director General of UNESCO
(c) Director of United Nations Environment Program
(d) President of UN Women
Answer: c

(UN environment chief Erik Solheim has resigned from the post following an audit report questioning his huge travel expenses. The former Environment Minister of Norway was at the helm of the Nairobi-based UN Environment Programme since June 2016. A UN audit found that Solheim had spent nearly five lakhs US dollar on travel. He claimed these unjustified expenses at a time when the world body is struggling with shrinking budgets.)

Question: Who was honored with the Justice Kuldip Singh Award?
(a) Justice (Retired) Jasti Chelameswar
(b) Justice (Retired) Pinaki Chandra Ghose
(c) Justice (Retired) Venkate Gopala Gowda
(d) Justice (Retired) Vikramjit Sen
Answer: d

(On the occasion of 104th birth anniversary of former Supreme Court Judge Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu presented Life-Time Achievement Award to former Union Minister, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Justice Kuldip Singh Award to former Supreme Court Judge, Vikramjit Sen and National Award Dr. Gunna Rajender Reddy, a well-known Gandhian and Chairman of AP & Telangana Gandhi Global Family. The awards were instituted by Capital Foundation.)

Question: In which country did the ‘Fuego Volcano’ for the fifth time in a year became active in November 2018?
(a) Spain
(b) Argentina
(c) Guatemala
(d) Peru
Answer: c

(In Guatemala, Fuego volcano has erupted for the fifth time this year, sending bursts of ash and lava down the mountain. The Disaster Management Agency said, a red has been issued and some 4,000 people were taken to temporary shelters as a precaution. Dozens of residents are being sheltered in tents at a Stadium in Escuintla.)

Question: Which Ministry launched the  ‘Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) program under Innovation cell on November 21, 2018?
(a) Ministry of Earth Sciences
(b) Ministry of Skill Development
(c) Ministry of Health
(d) Ministry of Human Resource Development
Answer: d

(Union HRD Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar through video conferencing launched the ‘Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) program under Innovation cell of MHRD in New Delhi on November 21, 2018. “Ministry of Human Resource Development has established an “Innovation cell” at AICTE with a purpose to systematically foster the culture of Innovation in all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the country.)

Question: On which date was  ‘World Fisheries Day’ celebrated?
(a) November 18
(b) November 19
(c) November 20
(d) November 21
Answer: d

(World Fisheries Day was celebtrated on November 21, 2018. Fishing communities worldwide celebrate the day through rallies, workshops, cultural programmes and exhibitions highlighting the importance of human lives, of water and the lives it sustains.)

Question: Who is the author of ‘Radio Kashmir-In Times of War and Peace’?
(a) Dr. Jitendra Singh
(b) A. Surya Prakash
(c) Dr. Rajesh Bhatt
(d) Mr. Amitabh Mattoo
Answer: c

(The Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region (I/C), Prime Minister’s Office, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh released a book titled ‘Radio Kashmir – In Times of Peace & War’ written by Dr Rajesh Bhat, on November 20.)

Question: Which country’s cabinet has approved to join again in the 53-member Commonwealth after two years?
(a) Malta
(b) Zimbabwe
(c) Maldives
(d) Canada
Answer: c

(The Maldives cabinet has approved to rejoin the Commonwealth, two years after withdrawing from the 53-nation grouping. New President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih made the announcement on November 19, saying that the proposal will be sent to Parliament for ratification. The country left the Commonwealth during former President Abdulla Yameen’s administration in October 2016, amid mounting pressure over corruption and deteriorating human rights.)

Question: Consider the following statements with reference to the Central Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of India:
1. The governor and the maximum four deputy-governors are it’s full time members.
2. Two officers of the Government of India and 10 members from different fields are nominated by the Government of India.
3. Other four Directors – one each from four local boards are also its members. 
Which of the above statements are correct?
(b) Only 2 and 3
(c) Only 1 and 3
(d) 1, 2 and 3
Answer: d

(The Reserve Bank’s affairs are governed by a central board of directors. The board is appointed by the Government of India in keeping with the Reserve Bank of India Act. Its directors are appointed/nominated for a period of four years. Official Directors: Governor and not more than four Deputy Governors; Non-Official Directors: Ten Directors from various fields and two government Official nominated; Other four Directors – one each from four local boards.)

Question: What is the Sagittarius A, which has been in the news recently?
(a) A satellite of European Space Agency
(b) China’s proposed international space station
(c) NASA’s research station in the Arctic
(d) The black hole at the centre of our galaxy
Answer: d

(Scientists for the first time have created a virtual reality (VR) simulation of Sagittarius A* – the black hole at the centre of our galaxy – that allows viewers to better visualise the phenomenon. The animation shows dust and gas whipping around the edges of Sagittarius A* at a speed of up to 56,000 miles per second (90,000 kilometres per second). Scientists at Radboud University in The Netherlands and Goethe University in Germany used recent astrophysical models of Sagittarius A* to create a series of images that were put together to create a 360-degree virtual reality simulation of the black hole, that can be viewed on widely available VR consoles.)

Question: Who among the following has been appointed UNICEF-India’s first ever youth ambassador?
(a) Hima Das
(b) P.V.Sindhu
(c) Virat Kohli
(d) Saurabh Chaudhary
Answer: a

(Teenage sprint sensation Hima Das, who won three medals, including gold in 4x400m women’s relay at the Asian Games and a historic gold medal at the U-20 World Championship in Finland, has been appointed India’s first ever Youth Ambassador by UNICEF. In her role as a Youth Ambassador, Hima will be working towards raising awareness about the rights and needs of children. She will help amplify the voices of children and young people as active participants in decision making, thus contributing to their holistic development.)

Question: The Sri Lankan Frogmouth has been seen for the first time in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala. Which species is this?
(a) A rare bird snake species
(b) A rare bird fish species
(c) A rare bird species
(d) A rare bird cat species
Answer: c
(A rare bird species, the Sri Lankan Frogmouth, Batrachostomus moniliger was sighted first time in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary of Kerala. Its presence was noticed on the eastern side of the Western Ghats for the first time. The Sri Lankan Frogmouth, Batrachostomus moniliger is usually confined to its habitation in the western side of the Western Ghats forests. This bird species is a relative of Nightjar, a crepuscular and nocturnal bird breeding in Europe and temperate Asia. Its preferred habitat is a dry and open area with some small trees or bushes.)

Question: In which state Vice-President Shri Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated the ‘Krea University’ on November 18, 2018?
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Telangana
(c) Telangana
(d) Tamilnadu
Answer: a

(Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu on November 18 launched the Krea University which is located in Sri City in Andhra Pradesh with administrative office in Chennai. It is a private institution. )

Question: Which state has launched the ‘Safe Drive Safe Life’ campaign to reduce deaths in road accidents?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Karnataka
(c) West Bengal
(d) Odisha
Answer: c

(According to the West Bengal government, it is committed to curbing traffic offences and its initiatives have significantly reduced road accidents in the State, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asserted on November 18. On the occasion of ‘World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims’, she said her campaign — ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ — has earned the praise of the Supreme Court.)

Question: When is the Qaumi Ekta Week observed?
(a) November 16-22
(b) November 17-23
(c) November 18-24
(d) November  19-25
Answer: d

(With a view to foster and reinforce the spirit of Communal Harmony, National Integration and pride in vibrant, composite culture and nationhood, the “Qaumi Ekta Week” (National Integration Week) is observed all over the country, from 19 to 25th November, 2018. The National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH), an autonomous organisation with the Ministry of Home Affairs, organises Communal Harmony Campaign coinciding with the Qaumi Ekta Week and observes the Communal Harmony Flag Day on 25th November.)

Question: Which airport was awarded AirSewa Champion Award?
(a) Delhi International Airport
(b) Mumbai International Airport
(c) Chennai International Airport
(d) Bangalore International Airport
Answer: c

(Suresh Prabhu and Jayant Sinha gave away the AirSwa champion award to Chennai airport which saw hundred percent timely closure of grievances in one year. )

Question: On what subject has Baba Kalyani committee submitted its report on November 19, 2018?
(a) Decreasing trade imbalance with China
(b) To accelerate e-mobility in India
(c) Ensure quality of generic medicines
(d) Special Economic Zone Policy
Answer: d

(The Baba Kalyani led committee constituted by the Ministry of Commerce& Industry to study the existing SEZ policy of India submitted its report to the Union Minister for Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation, Suresh Prabhu, in New Delhi on November 19, 2018. While submitting the report to the Commerce Minister, Baba Kalyani, Chairman, Bharat Forge Ltd., said that if India is going to become a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025 then the current environment of manufacturing competitiveness and services has to undergo a basic paradigm shift.)

Question: On which date was the World’s Toilet Day observed?
(a) November 16, 2018
(b) November 17, 2018
(c) November 18, 2018
(d) November 19, 2018
Answer: d

(World Toilet Day was oraganised on November 19, 2019.“The day is about inspiring action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of sanitation and water for all by 2030. “All over the world, 4.5 billion people live without a safe toilet and 892 million people still practise open defecation.)

Question: Who among the followings inaugurated  the All India Heads Conference for Police Communications organized on November 19, 2018?
(a) President Shri Ram Nath Kovind
(b) Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu
(c) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
(d) Minister of State for Communication Mr. Manoj Sinha
Answer: d

(The Minister of State for Communications (I/C) and Railways, Shri Manoj Sinha inaugurated the All India Heads of Police Communication Conference on ‘Modernization of Police Communication and Challenges there of’ in New Delhi on November 19.)

Question: ‘The Third Wife’ was conferred the Best Film award at the 24th Kolkata International Film Festival. Which country’s movie is this?
(a) Vietnam
(b) Myanmar
(c) Singapore
(d) Australia
Answer: a

(The Third Wife, a film from Vietnam featuring the story of a 14-year-old girl’s arranged marriage to a married man from an affluent family, won the best film award at the 24th Kolkata International Film Festival. The producer of the 96-minute film, Tran Thi Bich Ngoc, received the award presented by KIFF jury members  at the concluding ceremony of the seven-day film festival.)

Question: At which place was India’s first specialized hospital for elephants on November 16, 2018 formally opened?
(a) Kochi, Kerala
(b) Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
(c) Dehradun, Uttarakhand
(d) Bangalore, Karnataka
Answer: b

(India’s first specialized hospital for elephants was on November 16, 2018 formally opened by Agra Divisional Commissioner Anil Kumar at Farah block’s Churmura village. The unique medical centre offers wireless digital X-ray, laser treatment, dental X-ray, thermal imaging, ultrasonography, hydrotherapy and quarantine facilities. Located close to the elephant conservation and care centre, the hospital is designed to treat injured, sick or geriatric elephants and is equipped with a medical hoist for lifting elephants, as also an elephant restraining device with a dedicated indoor treatment enclosure for long duration medical procedures. )

Question: The GROWTH-India Telescope has recently completed the first scientific observation. Where is this telescope located?
(a) Market
(b) Mount Abu
(c) Sriharikota
(d) Ladakh
Answer: d

(The 0.7 m GROWTH-India telescope at the Indian Astronomical Observatory located in Hanle, Ladakh, has made its first science observation which is a follow-up study of a nova explosion. Novae are explosive events involving violent eruptions on the surface of white dwarf stars, leading to temporary increase in brightness of the star. The GROWTH-India telescope was commissioned six months ago soon after which it saw first light, on the night of June 12. )

Question: Which of the following coffee brand won the gold medal  in the Prix Epicures OR 2018 Award in Paris, France?
(a) Anamalais Coffee
(b) Araku valley coffee
(c) Biligiris coffee
(d) Bababudangiris coffee
Answer: b

(A brand that was founded to provide employment opportunities to tribal youth has won global recognition. Araku Valley Coffee has won the Gold Medal for the best coffee pod in the Prix Epicures OR 2018 Award in Paris, France. The coffee being sold by the brand is produced by tribal farmers (Kodhus) in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.)

Question: With reference  to the 33rd ASEAN Conference, consider the following statements :
1. It was held in Singapore in November 2018.
2. In this conference, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has represented India.
3. The tagline of the 33rd conference was ‘Resilience and Innovation’.
Which of the above statements are correct?
(a) Only 1 and 2
(b) Only 2 and 3
(c) Only 1 and 3
(d) 1, 2 and 3
Answer: d

(33rd ASEAN Summit came to a close on November 15, marking the end of its chairmanship. This summit saw leaders of all 10 ASEAN member states and leaders of key partner nations from outside the region including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, United States (US) Vice President Mike Pence, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and many more. The tagline of summit was “Resilient and Innovative”. )

Question: Which of the followings launched an e-learning portal named ‘NIPUN’?
(a) Mumbai Police
(b) Delhi Police
(c) Kerala Police
(d) Bangalore Police
Answer: b

(Delhi Police on November 14, 2018 launched an e-learning portal NIPUN to impart training and provide up to date information to police officers Through the website, Delhi Police will be using advanced technology in imparting in-service training to its personnel. NIPUN is an e-learning portal aiming to give online training and information to police personnel through specialised courses designed by experts in the field. Through NIPUN, Delhi Police officers can now access information by just logging on the portal. They can take course from anywhere at any time.)

Question: On which post has Indian American Thomas Kurian been appointed?
(a) CEO of Whatsapp
(b) Microsoft’s CFO
(c) Facebook Cloud CEO
(d) Google Cloud CEO
Answer: d

(After Sundar Pichai another Indian American Thomas Kurian has been appointed Google Cloud Chief Executive Officer. It has been anticipated that Kurian will join Google on November 26. He has spent 22 years with Oracle, the world’s second-largest software maker, under Executive Chairman Larry Ellison.)

Question: NASA’s Kepler Mission’s service ended on November 15, 2018. According to NASA, how many planets were discovered by Kepler during its 9.6 years working period?
(a) 2462
(b) 2562
(c) 2662
(d) 2762
Answer: c

(On November 15 evening, NASA’s Kepler space telescope received its final set of commands to disconnect communications with Earth. The “goodnight” commands finalize the spacecraft’s transition into retirement, which began on Oct. 30 with NASA’s announcement that Kepler had run out of fuel and could no longer conduct science. In the 9.6 years in space, Kepler spacecraft completed two missions, observed 5,30,506 stars, discovered 2,662 planets, documented 61 supernovae and helped scientists collect 678 GB of science data. )

Question: Which two state governments have announced the withdrawal of the General Consent, given to the CBI?
(a) Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
(b) Kerala and Karnataka
(c) Odisha and West Bengal
(d) Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal
Answer: d

(Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal has withdrawn the ‘general consent’ granted to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), effectively curtailing the agency’s powers in the States. The CBI and all agencies under the Delhi Special Police Establishment (DSPE) Act, 1946, will now have to approach the State government for permission on a case-by-case basis.)

Question: ‘Zoram Thar’ was in the news recently. what is this?
(a) Cultural Festivals of the Northeast
(b) Traditional dance of Nagaland
(c) Semi political group of Mizoram
(d) Mountain Peak
Answer: c
(Zoram Thar is a semi-political group contesting 24 seats in the November 28 Mizoram Assembly election. The group’s president, Zaichhawna Hlawndo, prefers to call it a spiritual party that wants Jesus to control the 40-member House. An evangelist who preached across India, the U.S. and the United Kingdom, the 55-year-old Rev. Hlawndo is contesting from two seats — in Serchhip against Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla and in the Aizawl West-I constituency.)

Question: Who among the following Raja Ram Mohan Roy was awarded lifetime achievement journalism award?
(a) Karan Thapar
(b) Chandan Mitra
(c) Veer Sanghvi
(d) N. RAM
Answer: d

(N. Ram, Chairman, THG Publishing Private Limited, The Hindu Group’s publishing company, was awarded the Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award by Mr. Jaitley for his lifetime contribution to journalism.)

Question: The new approved definition of Kilogram  is based on which of the following principals ?
1. Kibble Balance
2. Planck Constant
3. Electromagnetic Force
(a) Only 2
(b) Only 1 and 3
(c) Only 1 and 2
(d) 1, 2 and 3
Answer: d

(Scientists from around the world met today at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles, France, and unanimously voted for a new definition of the kilogram – one based on fundamental physical constants rather than a lump of metal held in a vault in France. From May, the official kilogram will be defined by the Planck constant, which describes the size of the smallest possible packet of energy. The Planck constant is incredibly small, so it’s measured with a specialised piece of equipment called a Kibble balance. So far, only two labs have managed to make Kibble balances, but the hope is that eventually anyone will be able to accurately weigh anything without having to fly it to France to compare it with Le Grand K.)

Question: Consider the following statements with reference to Alyque Padamsee, who died at 90 years of age:
1. He was called the Brand Father of Indian advertising.
2. He played the role of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the 1982 historical drama ‘Gandhi’.
3. He was awarded Padma Shri in 2000.
Which of the above statements are correct?
(a) Only 1 and 2
(b) Only 2 and 3
(c) Only 1 and 3
(d) 1, 2 and 3
Answer: d

(Alyque Padamsee, widely called the Brand Father of Indian advertising, died in Mumbai on November 17. He was 90.  During his active years in ad industry, he remained the brain behind several iconic and memorable Indian ad campaigns. Mr Padamsee was also best known for his role as Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1982 historcial drama “Gandhi”. For his contributions to the creative field, he was honored with Padmashri in 2000 and was named Advertising Man of the Century by The Advertising Club in Mumbai.)

Question: Who among the followings participated in the oath ceremony ceremony of Maldives President Ibrahim Mohammad Solihah ?
(a) President Shri Ram Nath Kovind
(b) Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu
(c) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
(d) External Affairs Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj
Answer: c

(Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has taken the oath of office before thousands of people and hundreds of foreign dignitaries on November 17, 2018. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among the more than 300 foreign dignitaries at the ceremony in Male. The visit was Modi’s first to the Maldives after years of tense relations between the two countries because of Yameen’s embrace of China during his tenure. Beijing reportedly loaned more than $1.5bn to fund a massive infrastructure boom under the former president.)

Question: In which country has women mounted a rare protest against the ‘abaya’, posting pictures on social media wearing the obligatory body-shrouding robe inside out?
(a) France
(b) USA
(c) Saudi Arabia
(d) Iran
Answer: c
(In Riyadh, Saudi women have mounted a rare protest against the abaya, posting pictures on social media wearing the obligatory body-shrouding robe inside out. The conservative petro-state has some of the world’s toughest restrictions on women, who are required to wear the typically all-black garment in public. Powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in March said wearing the robe was not mandatory in Islam, but in practice nothing changed and no formal edict to that effect was issued. Using the hashtag “inside-out abaya”, dozens of women have posted pictures of flipped robes in a rare protest against the strict dress code.)

Question: Union Home Minister has announced to amend the Sixth Schedule of the constitution to provide direct funding to autonomous district councils. Under the Sixth Schedule, the provision of special arrangements has been made for the administration of tribal areas of which states?
(a) Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura
(b) Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram
(c) Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya
(d) Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim
Answer: b

(Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on November 16 said the Centre will take necessary steps for amendment of 6th schedule of the Constitution to give provision for direct funding to Autonomous District Councils. 6th Schedule, applicable in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram, gives tribal people freedom to exercise legislative and executive powers through an autonomous regional council and an autonomous district council. )

Question: How many fast track courts have been approved by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to dispose off pending cases of rape and POCSO Act across the country?
(a) 523
(b) 723
(c) 923
(d) 1023
Answer: d

(Women and Child Development Ministry has approved setting up 1023 Fast Track Special Courts to dispose off pending cases of rape and POCSO Act across the country. The Empowered Committee of officers for the Nirbhaya Fund headed by Women and Child Development secretary approved it. The project has a total financial implication of over 767 crore rupees. In the first phase, 777 fast track special court will be set up in nine states and in the second phase, 246 will be set up. )

Question: On November 16, 2018 Ministry of Women and Child Development, in pursuance of Section 3 of the National Commission for Women Act, 1990, has nominated the three Members of the National Commission for Women. Which of the following are not new members of the National Commission for Women?

(a) Mrs. Chandramukhi Devi
(b) Mrs Soso Shaiza
(c) Mrs. Kamlesh Gautam
(d) Mrs. Vibha Parthasarathi
Answer: d

(Ministry of Women and Child Development, In pursuance of Section 3 of the National Commission for Women Act, 1990, has nominated the three Members of the National Commission for Women. They are: Smt. Chandramukhi Devi, Smt. Soso Shaiza and Smt. Kamlesh Gautam. They shall hold office for a period of three years or till the age of 65 years or until further orders from the date of assumption of charge of office, whichever is the earlier.)

Question: Which of the following Central Ministry’s ‘Adi Mahotsav’ was inaugurated in New Delhi on November 16, 2018?
(a) Ministry of Culture
(b) Ministry of Tourism
(c) Ministry of Tribal Affairs
(d) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Answer: c

(Shri Jual Oram, Union Minister for Tribal Affairs inaugurated the “Aadi Mahotsav” a National Tribal Festival to celebrate, cherish and promote the spirit of tribal craft, culture, cuisine and commerce at Delhi Haat, INA on November 16, 2018. The theme of the festival is: “A Celebration of the Spirit of Tribal Culture, Craft, Cuisine and Commerce”.)

Question: At which of the following places was the 26th edition of Central and State Statistics Organizations (COCSSO) conference held on November 16, 2018?
(a) New Delhi
(b) Dharamshala
(c) Dehradun
(d) Puri
Answer: b

(The 26th edition of Central and State Statistical Organizations(COCSSO) Conference was organized by theMinistry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) in collaboration with Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Government of Himachal Pradeshat Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh on 15th and 16th November, 2018. COCSSO is an annual conference which provides a platform for the Central and State statisticians to exchange views and discuss common issues relating to statistical activities. The theme of the 26th Conference was “Quality Assurance in Official Statistics”.)

Question: For what purpose has the Directorate General of Shipping proposed the ‘Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS)’ for the southwest coast of India?
(a) Protection of marine biodiversity
(b) Prevent collision between commercial ships and fishermen ships
(c) Stop the activities of marine pirates
(d) Preventing the militants entering India by sea routes
Answer: b

(The Directorate General of Shipping has proposed the establishment of a Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) off the south-west coast of India to prevent collision incidents between merchant vessels and fishing vessels off the coast of Kerala. The proposed TSS lanes are currently under consideration, and will be located at a distance of about 90 nautical miles west of Mangalore in Karnataka, with the lanes leading in a south-easterly direction to the southernmost tip of India and ending about 40 nautical miles off south of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. The average distance from the coast is about 50 nautical miles.)


Question: To which country, India is supplying 250 e-Rickshaws with lithium-ion batteries on grant basis ?
(a) Senegal
(b) Somalia
(c) Namibia
(d) Nigeria
Answer: a

(External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj handed over symbolically e-Rickshaws to Ambassador of Senegal El Hadji Ibou Boye in New Delhi. India is supplying 250 e-Rickshaws with lithium-ion batteries on grant basis to Senegal, responding to the request of President Macky Sall of Senegal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India has seen a surge towards battery powered e-Rickshaws in the recent past. )

Question: The Government has delegated powers to local bodies to ensure compliance of environmental conditions for buildings, construction and area development projects measuring between what areas?
(a) 10,000 to 30,000 square meters
(b) 10,000 to 40,000 square meters
(c) 20,000 to 50,000 square meters
(d) 30,000 to 60,000 square meters
Answer: c

(The Government has delegated powers to local bodies to ensure compliance of environmental conditions for buildings, construction and area development projects measuring between 20,000 and 50,000 square metres. According to a notification of the Union Environment Ministry, local bodies have also been given the powers to ensure environmental conditions are followed at industrial sheds, educational institutions, hospitals and hostels.)

Question: In which country for the first time, two leaders of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime have been found guilty of genocide?
(a) Thailand
(b) Cambodia
(c) Indonesia
(d) Vietnam
Answer: b

(In Cambodia, for the first time, two leaders of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime have been found guilty of genocide. The ruling by a UN-backed war crimes court comes almost 40 years after the fall of a brutal regime that presided over the deaths of a quarter of the population. The reign of terror led by “Brother Number 1” Pol Pot left some two million Cambodians dead from overwork, starvation and mass executions, Today’s ruling was the first to acknowledge a genocide. The Khmer Rouge’s former head of state Khieu Samphan, aged 87, and “Brother Number 2” Nuon Chea, aged 92, are the two most senior living members of the ultra-Maoist group that seized control of Cambodia from 1975 to 1979.)

Question: At which of the following places, World Tolerance Day summit was inaugurated on November 16 on the occasion of International Day for World Tolerance?
(a) Dubai
(b) Singapore
(c) London
(d) Paris
Answer: a

(The two-day summit to mark the World Tolerance Day  was inaugurated on November 16 in Dubai. Held for the first time in UAE , the theme of the Summit was ‘Prospering from Pluralism: Embracing Diversity through Innovation and Collaboration’. The World Tolerance Summit brings together government leaders, key figures from the public and private sectors, peacekeeping ambassadors and change-makers from across the world to discuss the importance of tolerance, peace and equality, and celebrate diversity. More than 2,000 ministers and government leaders from around the world are participating in the Summit. 16th November has been declared as the World’s Tolerance Day by the UNESCO)

Question: Which country has announced to set up an international research center ‘International Center for Interdisciplinary Solutions on AMR’ focused on the fight against resistance to antibiotics?
(a) Norwegian
(b) China
(c) Japan
(d) Denmark
Answer: d

(Denmark said that it would create an international research centre focused on the fight against resistance to antibiotics, a scourge affecting almost half a million people worldwide. The International Centre for Interdisciplinary Solutions on AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance), financed by Denmark and private investors, will open in 2019 and is expected to employ up to 500 people. Denmark aims to lead future global work on finding new solutions for the serious challenges with antimicrobial resistance we are facing today.)

Question: Which of the following words has been declared as ‘Word of the Year’ by Oxford?
(a) Mee’too
(b) Toxic
(c) Fascism
(d) Brexit
Answer: b

(Oxford Dictionary has declared the adjective ‘toxic’ as the Word of the Year for what it says reflects the ethos, mood, or preoccupations in 2018. The word was selected from a shortlist that included ‘gaslighting,’ ‘incel’ and ‘techlash.’ The data showed that, after ‘chemical’, ‘masculinity’ is the most-used word in conjunction with toxic this year. )

Question: Astronomers have recently discovered ‘Bernard’s star B’. what is this?
(a) Hot Jupiter
(b) Super Earth
(c) Moon Moon
(d) Black hole
Answer: b

(Astronomers have discovered a frozen planet with a mass more than three times that of the Earth, orbiting the closest solitary star to the Sun. The potentially rocky planet, known as Barnard’s star b, is a ‘super-Earth’ and orbits around its host star once every 233 days, said researchers from Queen Mary University of London.)

Question: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘APIX’ at the Fintech Festival on November 14, 2018. What is the objective of APIX technology?
(a) Issue early warning for disasters
(b) Health monitoring on daily basis of individuals 
(c) Providing telepathy facility
(d) Providing banking facilities to people without bank accounts
Answer: d

(Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 14, 2018 launched Application Programming Interface Exchange (APIX), a banking technology platform designed to reach nearly two billion people worldwide who are still without bank accounts. PM Modi launched the technology platform with Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore T Shanmugaratnam after he became the first leader to address the prestigious Fintech Festival in Singapore. This project is a collaborative effort between ASEAN Bankers Association, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and MAS.)

Question: Thfifth Senior Officials’ Meeting of ‘Colombo Process’ was held in Nepal. Colombo Process is related to which of the followings?
(a) Elimination of hunger
(b) Sexual Equality
(c) Technical Exchange
(d) Migrant laborers
Answer: d

(In Nepal, fifth Senior Officials’Meeting of Colombo Process held in Kathmandu on November 15. Senior officials and stakeholders from 12 member countries including India participated in the meeting and held consultations on the common interests and concerns of the migrant workers and  discussed international migration.   The basic objective of Colombo Process is to provide a forum for Asian labour-sending countries to Share experiences, Consult on issues faced by overseas workers, Optimize development benefits from organized overseas employment and enhance dialogue with countries of destination.)

Question: On which place did the third Finitech Festival  held on November 14, 2018?
(a) Hong Kong
(b) Singapore
(c) shanghai
(d) New Delhi
Answer: b

Question: In which state did the Union Food Processing Minister, Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal inaugurate the Paithan Mega Food Park in Wahegaon and Dhangaon village on November 15, 2018?
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Punjab
(d) Odisha
Answer: b

(Union Minister for Food Processing Industries Smt Harsimrat Kaur Badal on November 15, 2018 inaugurated the second Mega Food Park in Maharashtra. Promoted by M/s Paithan Mega Food Park Pvt Ltd, the Park is located in in Wahegaon and Dhangaon village in Paithan Taluka of Aurangabad district. A 3rd Mega Food Park has been sanctioned by the Ministry in Maharashtra and is under implementation in Wardha District while the first Park was inaugurated on 1st of March 2018 in Satara district.)

Question: On which date did the World GIS Day organised?
(a) November 13
(b) November 14
(c) November 15
(d) November 16
Answer: b

(National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) organized a brainstorming session on World GIS Day 2018 in New Delhi on November 14, with the theme ‘G-Governance of Namami Gange programme through Geospatial Technology’. NMCG has signed an MoU with National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) in the  use of geospatial technology in June 2015. They have developed Bhuvan Ganga Geoportal and Bhuvan Ganga Mobile Application .  Bhuvan Ganga Geoportal is available for water quality monitoring, hydrological monitoring, geomorphological monitoring, bio-resources monitoring, and comprehensive geospatial database.)

Question: Consider the following statements with reference to the Himalayan State Regional Council, which was formed on 15th November,
1. It was constituted by the NITI Aayog.
2. Dr. V.K. Saraswat was appointed its chairman.
3. It will be the nodal agency for sustainable development in Himalayan region.
Which of the above statements are correct?
(a) Only 1 and 2
(b) Only 1 and 3
(c) only 2 and 3
(d) 1, 2 and 3
Answer: d

(NITI Aayog has constituted the ‘Himalayan State Regional Council’ to ensure sustainable development of the Indian Himalayan region. The Council has been constituted to review and implement identified action points based on the Reports of five Working Groups, which were established along thematic areas to prepare a roadmap for action. The Himalayan State Regional Council will be chaired by the Dr VK Saraswat, Member, NITI Aayog and will consist of the Chief Secretaries of the Himalayan States as well as the Secretaries of key Central Ministries, senior officers of NITI Aayog as well as special invitees.)

Question: Who among the following has inaugurated the 4th International Congress on Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine in New Delhi on November 15, 2018?
(a) President Shri Ram Nath Kovind
(b) Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu
(c) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
(d) Minister of State, Shri Jitendra Singh
Answer: d

(The Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region (I/C), Prime Minister’s Office, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh on November 15, 2018 inaugurated the 4th International Congress on Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine that was organized along with the Asia Pacific Geriatric Medicine Network Conference  at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He said that the geriatric study has gained relevance in the recent years with increase in life span of people. This field has unique speciality where the parameter is based on age. He said that more than 70% of the population is below the age of 40 years, due to which India is facing bi-polar challenge. )

Question: Which state has announced to provide free smartphones to all six lakh self-help groups   under ‘Mission Shakti Programme’?
(a) Odisha
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Haryana
(d) Himachal Pradesh
Answer: a

(Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on November 14, 2018 announced that his government will provide free smartphones to all the six lakh women self-help groups under its Mission Shakti programme. He said women in Odisha have come a long way and the next ceiling to be broken is the digital one.)

Question: ‘Becoming’ is a memoir of which of the followings?
(a) Michelle Obama
(b) Hillary Clinton
(c) Ivanka Trump
(d) Serena Williams
Answer: a

(Former US First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming was poised to become a bestseller even before it hit bookstores on November 13. Barnes & Noble announced that Becoming had received the most pre-order sales of any adult book since Harper Lee’s 2015 novel Go Set a Watchman, which went on to have the largest first-day sales in the company’s history.)

Question: The central government will give employers the salaries for how many weeks out of the 26 weeks of maternity leave for women earning more than 15,000 rupees a month?
(a) Five weeks
(b) Six weeks
(c) Seven weeks
(d) Eight weeks
Answer: c

(The government will give employers the salaries for seven of the 26 weeks of maternity leave for women earning more than 15,000 rupees a month, the Women and Child Development Ministry announced on November 15. The announcement, which covers the government as well as the private sector, comes in the wake of complaints that many companies were reluctant to hire pregnant women after maternity leave was extended from 12 to 26 weeks and some were even firing women employees.)

Question: Which Ministry was inaugurated by the Hunar Haat Pavilion at the International Trade Fair held in New Delhi?
(a) Ministry of Minority Affairs
(b) Ministry of Skill Development
(c) Ministry of Human Resource Development
(d) Ministry of Home Affairs
Answer: a

(Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on November 15 said Hunar Haat has significantly encouraged and promoted the rich traditional heritage of master artisans who had been marginalised for a long time. Inaugurating Hunar Haat pavilion at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, Mr Naqvi said, master artisans, including a large number of women artisans, from across the country are participating in it. )

Question: The first Shri Ramayana Express was flagged off from which station on November 14, 2018?
(a) Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh
(b) Anand Vihar, Delhi
(c) Safdarjung Station, Delhi
(d) Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Answer: c

(Special tourist train Ramayana Express reached Ayodhya on November 14. The Shri Ramayana Express, a special tourist train to run on the Ramayana circuit to cover major spots related to the Hindu epic was flagged off on November 14 from Safdarjung Railway Station in Delhi. The train will complete its journey till Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, in 16 days covering all important destinations associated with the life of Lord Ram. On day one, the Shri Ramayana Express departed with 800 passengers.)


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