Objective Current Affairs (MCQ-21-31 May 2018)

Question: Which state’s Chau mask and Kushmandi wood mask have been recently given a GI tag?
(a) Gujarat
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Odisha
(d) West Bengal
Answer: d

Question: Ganesha Lal Sworn has been appointed as the Governor of:
(a) Bihar
(b) Kerala
(c) Odisha
(d) Mizoram
Answer: c

Question: Which of the following airlines has decided to deploy a robot named ‘RADA’ to help passengers at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport?
(a) Air India
(b) Go Air
(c) spice jet
(d) Expand Airlines
Answer: d

Question: Which one of the followings has been appointed as Director of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)?
(a) Prof. Jagdish Kumar
(b) Mr. Deepak Pantal
(c) Yogendra Alagh
(d) Prof. S.C. Sharma
Answer: d

Question: Who among the following has been appointed as the Deputy National Security Adviser (Deputy-NSA) of India?
(a) Pankaj Saran
(b) Syed Akbaruddin
(c) S. Jayashankar
(d) Ajay Raj Sharma
Answer: a

Question: K. Rajasekharan has been appointed as the Governor:
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Mizoram
(d) Nagaland
Answer: c

Question: Which one of the followings organized a one-day ‘Mission Raftar’ Workshop in Delhi on May 30, 2018?
(a) Ministry of Road Transport
(b) Delhi Police
(c) Union Health Ministry
(d) Indian Railways
Answer: d

Question: In which of the following states, was the Gaj yatra initiative launched?
(a) Meghalaya
(b) Assam
(c) Kerala
(d) Jharkhand
Answer: a

Question: PETA recently accused animal cruelty during the Rekla event in Tamil Nadu. What is Rekla?
(a) Sheep fighting
(b) Bullock race
(c) Decoration of elephants
(d) Buffalo race
Answer: b

Question: Dassault Group owner Serge Dassault died at the age of 93 on 28 May 2018. He was one of the richest persons of:
(a) England
(b) USA
(c) germany
(d) France
Answer: d

Question: Who among the following has been appointed as the first Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Reserve Bank of India?
(a) Usha Subramanian
(b) Ashok Chawla
(c) Sudha Balakrishnan
(d) Amitabh Kant
Answer: c

Question: In which field, Kamaljit S Baba is the first Indian to be awarded the Linnean Medal?
(a) Medical science
(b) Mathematics
(c) Botany
(d) Agricultural science
Answer: c

Question: In which of the following by-election, Braille enabled signboards for visually impaired voters will be utilized first time in the West Bengal?
(a) 24 Pargana assembly by-election
(b) Chitranjan assembly by-election
(c) Mahesthala assembly by-election
(d) West Kolkata assembly by-election
Answer: c

Question: Which of the following state government has decided to create seven zones and two multi-zones of 31 districts of the state?
(a) Telangana
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Tamilnadu
(d) Maharashtra
Answer: a

Question: Konar project, which was recently in the news, is in the state of :
(a) Himachal Pradesh
(b) Jharkhand
(c) Uttarakhand
(d) Odisha
Answer: b

Question: From which country will India purchase the S-400 Triumf Air Defense missile system?
(a) with the USA
(b) with Israel
(c) with France
(d) with Russia
Answer: d

Question: What is ‘CIDCOP’ which was in the news recently?
() China-India Digital Collaborative Opportunities
() Sri Lanka-India Digital Collaborative Opportunities
() Canada-India Digital Collaborative Opportunities
() USA-India Digital Collaborative Opportunities
Answer: a

Question: Which province of Pakistan has passed a bill allowing the Hindu widows to remarry?
(a) Sindh  
(b) Punjab
(c) Balochistan
(d) Khyber Pakhtunkawa
Answer: a

Question: Where will the main event of the Fourth International Yoga Day be held on June 21, 2018?
(a)  Shimla
(b)  Chandigarh
(c)  Ahmedabad
(d) Dehradun
Answer: d

Question: Queen Maxima, who visited India on May 28, 2018, is the queen of:
(a) Norway
(b) Netherlands
(c) Thailand
(d) Iceland
Answer: b

Question: According to the second advance estimate of the Agriculture Department, what is the estimated total production of horticulture crops in 2017-18?
(a) 207.2 million tonnes
(b) 307.2 million tons
(c) 407.2 million tons
(d) 257.2 million tons
Answer: b

Question: According to the second advance estimate of the Agriculture Department, what is the estimated total production of vegetables in the year 2017-18?
(a) 121 million tons
(b) 152 million tons
(c) 182 million tons
(d) 207 million tons
Answer: c

Question: According to the second advance estimate of the Agriculture Department, what is the estimated  total production of fruit in 2017-18?
(a) 54.4 million tonnes
(b) 64.4 million tons
(c) 84.4 million tonnes
(d) 104.4 million tons
Answer: c

Question: Indian Navy launched the women only Mount Deotibba Expedition  on May 28, 2018. In which state is Mount Deotibba located?
(a)  Uttarakhand
(b)  Sikkim
(c)  Himachal Pradesh
(d) Jammu and Kashmir
Answer: c

Question: Where was the fourth national data center of NIC inaugurated on May 28, 2018?
(a) in  Patna
(b)  Lucknow
(c) Bhubaneswar
(d)  Allahabad
Answer: c

Question: Who was awarded  the most valuable player of IPL 2018?
(a) Rishabh Pant
(b) MS Dhoni
(c) Ken Williamson
(d) Sunil Narine
Answer: d

Question: Alan Bean, who recently died, was famous for which of the following reasons?
(a) To travel on the Moon
(b) To produce the first clone of any mammal
(c) To win Nobel Literature Prize
(d) Being the first person to sail alone by boat around the globe
Answer: a

Question: With which of the following actors has the NITI Aayog has  signed an agreement for promoting the Women Entrepreneurship Platform?
(a) Akshay Kumar
(b) Sushant Singh Rajput
(c) Sonam Kapoor
(d) Kangna Ranavat
Answer: b

Question: Delhi-Meerut Expressway,  which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister on 27th May, 2018, is  the country’s first highway?
(a) First Solar powered  highway
(b) With no traffic signal  
(c) First 14 lane  highway
(d) With No inter-crossing  
Answer: c

Question: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Eastern Peripheral Expressway on May 27, 2018. Which of the following two places it connects?
(a) Kundli and Palwal
(b) Haridwar-Sonipat
(c) Alwar and Baghpat
(d) Noida and Lucknow
Answer: a

Question: Which one of the following states has planned to revive the old tradition of planting palm trees to prevent lighting?
(a) Haryana
(b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) Odisha
(d) Kerala
Answer: c

Question: By which of the following films did actress Geeta Kapoor, who died recently, become popular?
(a) Humraj
(b) Mughal-e-Azam
(c) Pakeejah
(d) Anand
Answer: c

Question: In which of the following countries, was the referendum conducted to abolish the law that prohibis abortion?
(a) United States
(b) Norway
(c) Ireland
(d) New Zealand
Answer: c

Question: Where was the 9th Rashtrya Sanskriti Mahotsva (2018) organized?
(a) Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
(b) Leh, Jammu and Kashmir
(c) Tehri, Uttarakhand
(d) Kolkata, West Bengal
Answer: c

Question: Where did the National Informatics Center establish a new cloud enabled National Data Center?
(b) Karnal
(c) Bhubaneswar
(d) Ranchi
Answer: c

Question: Which of the following State Chief Ministers released ‘100 safal lok shikayat nivaran’ booklet on May 24, 2018?
(a) Chief Minister of Odisha
(b) Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh
(c) Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
(d) Chief Minister of Bihar
Answer: d

Question: The retreat of the President of India is located in Mashobra. In which state is this located?
(a) Himachal Pradesh
(b) Telangana
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Uttarakhand

Answer: a

Question: Who among the following started the ‘Clean Air India’ initiative on May 24, 2018 in New Delhi?
(a) Prime Minister of Singapore
(b) Prime Minister of the Netherlands
(c) Prime Minister of Norway
(d) Environment Minister of India
Answer: b

Question: Saad Hariri get thitd term as the Prime Minister of:
(a) Kenya
(b) Sudan
(c) Nigeria
(d) Lebanon
Answer: d

Question: At which of the following places has the six days India-ASEAN Film Festival started on May 25, 2018?
(a) Goa
(b) New Delhi
(c) Mumbai
(d) Bhubaneswar
Answer: b

Question: Which of the following institutions researchers have developed the world’s first wireless insect size drone?
(a) University of New York
(b) University of Tokyo
(c) University of Singapore
(d) University of Washington
Answer: d

Question: Olga Tokarczuk was awarded the Man Booker International Award 2018 for ‘Flights’. Which country does she belong?
(a) South Africa
(b) Poland
(c) brazil
(d) United States
Answer: b

Question: Which of the following area was affected by the cyclone Mekunu?
(a) Arabian Sea
(b) Gulf of Bengal
(c) Atlantic Ocean
(d) Pacific Ocean
Answer: a

Question: At which of the following hill’s fire stalled the Vaishno Devi shrine pligrimaage  on 23-24 May 2018?
(a) Hemukut hill
(b) Trikuta Hill
(c) Gilbert Hill
(d) Anantagiri hill
Answer: b

Question: Which one of the following institutes has successfully produced a plate and cutlery made of jackfruit?
(a) Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur
(b) Himalayan Institute of Bio-resource, Palampur
(c) National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, Sonipat
(d) Central Food Technological Research Institute, Nagpur
Answer: a

Question: Where is the National Film Award winning film festival being held from May 25 to June 7 (2018)?
(a) In Mumbai
(b) in Chennai
(c) in Pune
(d) in Goa
Answer: d

Question: In which of the following countries, has the only Quran from Silk Fabric been prepared?
(a) Saudi Arabia
(b) Afghanistan
(c) United Arab Emirates
(d) Qatar
Answer: b

Question: Novelist Philip Roth, who recently died, is not the author of which of the following novels?
(a) The Ghost Writer
(b) Nemesis
(c) American Pastoral
(d) The Lord of the Rings
Answer: d

Question: With which nation did Union Cabinet approve the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on food security cooperation on May 23, 2018?
(a) USA
(b) Israeli
(c) France
(d) Denmark

Answer: d

Question: With which country did Union Cabinet approve MoU on the trade of poppy seeds on May 23, 2018?
(a) Afghanistan
(b) Turkish
(c) Iraq
(d) Iran
Answer: b

Question: What is the objective of NASA’s GRACE-FO mission, under which two satellites were launched on May 22, 2018?
(a) Discovery of water on Pluto
(b) Study of internal structure of Mars
(c) To study the distribution of water on earth
(d) To Study the possibility of quantum communication system in space
Answer: c

Question: With which of the following countries is India  launching ‘#StartUpLink’?
(a) Netherlands
(b) England
(c) Australia
(d) America
Answer: a

Question: According to a study by the National Academy of Science, what is the proportion of plant and human population on earth?
(a) 50000: 1
(b) 75000: 1
(c) 90000: 1
(d) 100000: 1
Answer: b

Question: According to a RBI report submitted before the Parliamentary Committee, what percentage of load did small and marginal farmers receive given to agriculture sector in 2016-17?
(a) 60.2 percent
(b) 32.2 percent
(c) 42.2 percent
(d) 52.2 percent
Answer: c

Question: The third ‘Mission Innovation’ Ministerial meeting was held in Malmo on 22-23 May, 2018 in which Union Minister Shri Harsh Vardhan took part. In which country is Malmö located?
(a) Denmark
(b) Sweden
(c) Norway
(d) Iceland

Answer: b

Question: Which film was conferred the Palm ‘d’ Or  award for best film at the Cannes Film Festival 2018?
(a) SOLO
(b) Dogman
(c) Shoplifter
(d) The Image Book
Answer: c

Question: 9 people died in Thoothukudi on May 22, 2018, due to a clash between protesters and police against the Sterlite Factory. In which state is Thoothukudi located?
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Kerala
(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Karnataka
Answer: a

Question: What was the theme of International Biological Diversity Day 2018?
(a) Sustainable Development and Biodiversity
(b) Biodiversity, Development and Poverty Reduction
(c) Celebrating 25 Years of Action for Biodiversity
(d) Marine Biodiversity
Answer: c

Question: In which of the following states, many people died due to Nipah virus infection in May 2018?
(a) Kerala
(b) Nagaland
(c) Himachal Pradesh
(d) Gujarat
Answer: a

Question: Which is the last state of India to join India’s commercial flight service map on May 21, 2018?
(a) Nagaland
(b) Meghalaya
(c) Manipur
(d) Arunachal Pradesh
Answer: d

Question: China launched its Queqiao (Magpie Bridge) satellite on May 21, 2018 for 

(a) Europa
(b) Moon
(c) Pluto
(d) Jupiter
Answer: b

Question: On which of the following dates was International Biological Diversity Day 2018 celebrated ?
(a) May 19
(b) 20th May
(c) 21st May
(d) 22nd May
Answer: d

Question: Australia has abandoned culling of ‘brumbies’. What is brumbies?
(a) Wild horse
(b) Wild ass
(c) Koala
(d) Kangaroo
Answer: a

Question: Which Indian vessel with only women crew members  returned to Goa coast on May 21, 2018 after historic global circumnavigation voyage and returned ?
(a) INS Mandovi
(b) INS Kalavari
(c) INSV Tarani
(d) INS Shivalik
Answer: c


Question: Which type  of successful test of BrahMos did take place on May 21, 2018?
(a) Nuclear warfare payload
(b) Ship capacity test
(c) Service Life extension
(d) Radar Direction Test
Answer: c

Question: Vice President inaugurated the revival ceremony of ‘Ashtapadiyattam’ on May 21, 2018. What is Ashtapadiyattam?
(a) Dance Drama 
(b) Classical music competition
(c) Scripture tradition
(d) Puppetry Art
Answer: a

Question: Vice President inaugurated Southern Campus of National Disaster Management Institute at Kondapavuluru. In which state is this village located?
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Kerala
(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Telangana
Answer: c

Question: Who among the following was conferred the Reginald F-Lewis Film Icon Award at the Cannes Film Festival2018?
(a) Vinod Khanna
(c) Sridevi
(c) Yash Chopra
(d) Om Puri
Answer: c

Question: Which of the following stations completed 130 years of its construction on May 20, 2018?
(a) New Delhi Railway Station
(b) Howrah railway station
(c) Pune Railway Station
(d) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai
Answer: d

Question: Which of the following institution organized ‘Sanjari: Ek Bharat-Shresth Bharat’?
(a) Sangeet Natak Akademi
(b) Sahitya Akademi
(c) Regional Cultural Center, Allahabad
(d) Indira Gandhi National Arts Center
Answer: d

Question: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 19th May, 2018 inaugurated  the start of the work on ‘Zojila Tunnel’, the longest road tunnel in India. What is the length of Zojila Tunnel?
(a) 10 kilometers
(b) 12 kilometers
(c) 14 kilometers
(d) 16 kilometers

Answer: c

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