Water strider’s new species found in Nagaland

What: Water Strider new species

Where: Nagaland

Who: Zoological Survey of India

  • A new species of water strider was discovered  in the river Intanki, Peren district in Nagaland.
  • The species, named Ptilomera nagalanda Jehamalar and Chandra, was discovered by the scientists from Zoological Survey of India.
  • Features: The species is Orange with black stripes on the dorsal side and a pale yellowish brown ventral part of the body, which has long slender legs and measures about 11.79 mm.
  • The presence of black stripes on the dorsal side differentiates this species from other known species of the subgenus Ptilomera.

About Water Striders

  • These are a group of insects adapted to life on the surface of water, using surface tension to their advantage.
  •  Currently 100 species of water striders found in India across different water bodies.
  • Till now, only five species of water striders under the subgenus Ptilomera were known in India.
  • These five species are:
    • Ptilomera agriodes (found in peninsular India),
    • Ptilomera assamensis (found in northeastern India)
    • Ptilomera laticaudata, (northern and northeastern India)
    • Pltilomera occidentalis (Uttarakhand) and
    • Ptilomera tigrina (Andaman islands)
  • Water striders are good indicator of water quality, they also play an important role in the food chain by feeding on mosquito larvae. 

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