Cousins of the ‘world’s ugliest animal Mr. Blobby discovered

  • Researchers has discovered more than 100 rarely seen fish species from a deep and cold abyss off Australia during a scientific voyage.
  • Newly discovered creatures include blob fishes a cousin of the ‘world’s ugliest animal. Mr Blobby.
  • Mr Blobby was voted the world’s ugliest animal in 2013 by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. 
  • Mr Blobby belongs to the psychrolutidae family, and was discovered off the coast of New Zealand in 2003 and was named by the scientists who found it.
  • Other species unearthed included bioluminescent cookie-cutter sharks with razor-sharp serrated teeth, a haul of frightening lizard fish, and graceful tripod fish, which prop themselves on the sea floor on long fins waiting for food to drift within reach.
  • Since food is scarce in deep sea, creatures are usually small and move slowly. Many are jelly-like and spend their lives floating about, while others have ferocious spines and fangs and lie in wait until food comes to them.  

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