China develops ‘Mother of All Bombs’

  • China has announced that it has developed a massive bomb, said to be the country’s answer to the US-built ‘Mother of All Bombs’, the most powerful non-nuclear weapon. 
  • According to the Chinese Media, China’s defence industry giant NORINCO for the first time showcased the aerial bomb, the country’s largest non-nuclear bomb. 
  • It  is dubbed as the Chinese version of the “Mother of All Bombs” due to its huge destruction potential that is claimed to be only second to nuclear weapons.
  • The bomb was airdropped by an H-6K bomber and caused a gigantic explosion, as revealed in a promotional video released by China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO) on its website at the end of December. 
  • The Chinese media said that this is the first time the new bomb’s destructive powers have been shown in public. Last year, while waging war against militants in Afghanistan, the US military dropped a Massive Ordnance Air Blast weapon, more commonly known as the “Mother of All Bombs,” on the Islamic State. 
  • To match the US weapon, Russia developed the “Father of All Bombs” which is both bigger and thermobaric, meaning it uses gas to create a huge fireball rather than a shockwave.

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