Exercise Aviaindra 2018 Commences at Air Force Station Jodhpur

  • Exercise AVIAINDRA, a service specific exercise between Indian Air Force and Russian Federation Aerospace Force (RFSAF), began at Air Force Station Jodhpur on December 10, 2018.
  •  The inaugural IAF-RFSAF Ex AVIAINDRA was conducted in 2014.
  • AVIAINDRA-2018 is the second in the series of bilateral joint exercise between IAF-RFSAF.
  • The exercise is planned in two phases.
  • The exercise is unique wherein the foreign participant does not bring its air assets.
  • In Russia, the IAF pilots flew alongside their Russian counterparts in RFSAF aircraft at Lipetsk from 17 Sep 18 to 28 Sep 18.
  • In India, the RFSAF pilots will fly alongside their Indian counterparts in the IAF aircraft, which are common to both Air Forces.

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