World Braille Day celebrated on 4th January

  • The world Braille Day was celebrated on January 4, 2019.
  • The day is marked remembering the birth anniversary of Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille – for the people with visual disabilities. 
  • Louis Braille was born on 4th January 1809 in the town of Coupvray in northern France. At the age of just 3, he lost his both eyes in an accident. This resulted into the invention of the of 6 dots- which is popularly known as braille .
  • United Nations observed the first official World Braille Day on January 4, 2019 raising awareness on the importance of Braille for approximately 1.3 billion people living with some form of distance or near vision impairment. 
  • World Braille Day is marked annually on January 4 after the day was proclaimed by the General Assembly in November 2019, as a means of realising fully the human rights of visually-impaired and partially-sighted people, and bringing written language to the forefront as a critical prerequisite for promoting fundamental freedoms. Around the world, 39 million people are blind, and another 253 million have some sort of vision impairment.  

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