Methylene blue, a dye that kills malaria parasites

    • The study published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases, says that Methylene blue, used as medication and dye, could act as a safe anti-malarial that kills malaria parasites at an unprecedented rate.
    • Malaria infects more than 200 million people and causes more than 430,000 deaths across the globe every year.
      What is Methylene blue
    • It is a blue dye that is used in labs to distinguish dead cells from living cells.
    • The results from a clinical trial have revealed that malaria patients who were treated with a combination of the blue dye and artemisinin-based combination therapy were cured of the disease within two days.
    • The patients no longer transmitted the parasite if they are bitten again by a mosquito.
    • The reasercchears associated with the clinical trial, said that Methylene blue is very promising, because it can prevent the spread of malaria within such a short time following treatment
    • Methylene blue also works well in species that are resistant to certain medicines.
    • Side effect: The use of Methylene blue turns the urine bright blue. It could stop effected people from using it.

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