Shri Rajnath Singh inaugurates smart fencing project along International Border in J&K

India’s first ‘smart fence’ pilot project was inaugurated by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh along the Indo-Pak border at the BSF Headquarters in Ploura, Jammu on September 17, 2018. 

  • According to the Union Home Minister, smart fencing at the borders is a technological solution devised to address the security issues in the border states and the two projects in five kilometres areas each have been installed along the Indo-Pak International Border in Jammu on a pilot basis.


  • The pilot project entails deploying laser-activated fences and technology-enabled barriers to plug vulnerable gaps along frontiers. The system provides for round-the-clock surveillance on the border and in different weather conditions be it dust storm, fog or rain.   
  • According to the Union Minister,  making border security  foolproof is a priority of the  Government. Around a  total of 2,026 km border is vulnerable and that the digital fencing technology would be utilised along such long stretches of the borders.   
  • The smart border fencing projects built under the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) programme is the first of its kind in the country.  
  • The two projects  each covering a 5.5 km border stretch along the International Border  have got hitech surveillance system that would create an invisible electronic barrier on land, water and even in air and underground and would help the BSF detect and foil infiltration bids in most difficult terrains.
  • The CIBMS is designed to guard stretches where physical surveillance is not possible either due to inhospitable  terrain or riverine borders.
  • CIBMS uses a number of different devices for surveillance, communication and data storage.
  • Sensors like Thermal Imager, UGS, Fiber Optical Sensors, Radar, Sonar have been mounted on different platforms like Aerostat, tower, poles etc.
  • A comprehensive integration of such sensors and other technical systems of communication and data processing have been achieved in the CIBMS project. The signals reach the Unified Command and Control Centre where the BSF can monitor the border on real-time basis. The CIBMS enables round-the-clock surveillance on border and under different weather conditions be it in dust storm, fog or rain.


  • Smart fencing uses a number of devices for surveillance, communication and data storage. With this smart fencing, the number of casualties of our jawans on borders would get minimised and the stress level among the jawans would also reduce to a large extent. 
  • With the digital smart fencing, our borders would become absolutely safe since it would virtually make it impossible for the terrorists to breach it and infiltrate across the borders.

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