About Gangetic River Dolphin

  • Some wildlife conservationists have expressed their concerns over the threats posed to Gangetic river dolphins by the National Waterways Project, impact of river traffic, irrigation canals and depletion of prey base on Dolphin population.
  • Factors for declining population: The population of Gangetic river dolphin is impacted due to a number of factors including:
    • river degradation,
    • mortality in fishing net,
    • poaching,
    • large scale increase in the river traffic,
    • direct hit by propellers etc.
  • Unplanned developmental works on the waterways may impact the population of these species.
  • Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitat: The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India has identified 17 Critically Endangered species for focused conservation program under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of ‘Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitat’.
  • From amongst the above 17 species, conservation and recovery programme for four species:
    • the Gangetic River Dolphin,
    • Manipur’s Brow antlered deer or Sangai,
    • Dugong and
    • The Great Indian Bustard are also being taken up with financial assistance under CAMPA and in collaboration with the concerned State Governments with active assistance from WII.

(Question asked by G. Kothapalli, answered by Minister of Culture Mahesh Sharma on 9-2-2018 in Lok Sabha)

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