Cyclone-30 Became Operational at Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre

  • Cyclone-30, the biggest cyclotron in India for medical application became operational in September 2018 when 30 MeV beam reached the Faraday Cup for the first time in the second week.
    • Cyclotrons are used to produce radioisotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic use for cancer care.
  • Subsequently, beam from this facility was used to produce 18F (Fluorine-18 isotope) for the preparation of [18 FlFluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), a radio-pharmaceutical used by Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology (BRIT).
  • The facility will start regular production by the middle of the next year after the commissioning of the supporting nuclear systems and regulatory clearances.
  • Cyclone-30 facility at VECC, Kolkata, a Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) unit, will have many unique features, under various stages of implementation, which are first of its kind in many ways.
  • After the commissioning of liquid target (for FDG production) and solid targets (production of Germanium-68, Palladium-103 and other isotopes), work on studies related to installation of Iodine isotope [1-123] production target, material study target and Accelerator Driven System target will also be taken up.
  • This facility will provide for affordable radio isotopes and related radiopharmaceuticals for the entire country especially, for Eastern India and also have export potential for Germanium-68/Gallium-68 generator for in-situ production of Gallium-68 and Palladium-103 isotopes, used for breast cancer diagnosis and prostate cancer treatment, respectively.
  • Cyclone-30 commissioning re-emphasises the capability of Indian scientists and engineers to deliver at the highest level of science and technology.

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