D-MARS Project of Israel

  • ‘Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station project’ or D-MARS  is a futuristic Red Planet project of Israel’s Space Agency and Ministry of Science Israel.
  • Recently a team of six Israeli researchers were on mission to survive in Mars like environment created near the town of Mitzpeh Ramon, in the rugged Ramon crater, Israel. The programme ended on February 18, 2018. Due to their research location, the six researchers were called ‘Ramonauts’ by the Israeli media.
  • It was  a four-day Mars habitat experiment in Israel’s Negev desert where the researchers simulated living conditions on the Mars. 
  • According to the Israeli Science Ministry, the experiment was held near the isolated Israeli township of Mitzpe Ramon. Its surroundings resemble the Martian environment in its geology, aridity, appearance and desolation. 
  • The scientists were researching on different fields activities relevant to a future Mars mission. 

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