Indian Railways inducts two State-of-the-Art High Horse Power Locomotives

  • Indian Railways in collaboration with General Electric (GE) of USA, under the Public Private Partnership initiative has inducted two Digitally Enabled Locomotives based on the state of the art insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology which enables the combined advantages of high efficiency and fast switching. 
  • The two HHP prototypes locomotives were wholly designed in India under the Make in India program and manufactured under the Public Private partnership through a MOU with GE.
  • The total investment amount is Rs.13000 crore and under the agreement Indian Railways has a 26% stake.
  • The first GE manufactured Diesel locomotive No 49001 for Indian Railways, shipped from USA, landed in the country on 11th October 2017 and was put to extensive trials.
  • Salient features: The Salient features of the GE Locomotive are four stroke engine, 12 cylinders, 06 traction motors, AC Dual Cab locomotive; Safety features for self load, toilet facility, Upgraded Computer Controlled Braking (CCB system), Electronic Fuel Injection system, Fuel Efficient locomotive, IGBT based traction technology, Compliant with India’s UIC emission norm.
  • The locomotive is also the first fully digitally enabled locomotive with greater reliability and availability and is also provided with a device to manage disasters. In a bid to setting higher benchmarks in maintenance of its assets for better reliability and safety, the Indian Railways had set up maintenance sheds at Roza, UP and Gandhidham, Gujarat.
  • Locomotive technology by GE: GE is providing locomotive technology to Indian Railway and by 2025, through a joint venture company it will manufacture 1000 fuel-efficient locomotives (100 per year) that will be used for freight traffic hauling.
  • Amongst these 700 locomotives will be 4500HP WDG4G and rest 300 locomotives will be of 6000HP.
  • Initially 40 fuel efficient diesel locomotives will be manufactured in GE facility at Erie, Pennsylvania, USA and the rest 960 diesel locomotives will be manufactured in Marhoura, Saran District, Bihar.
  • This production unit spread over 9.15 hectares, with township facility with a total area of 200 acres. This factory will start loco manufacturing from October 2018. Locos will be maintained in Roza, UP and Gandhidham, Gujarat.
  • IGBT Technology: IGBT Technology has a three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily used as an electronic switch which and was later developed to give the combined advantages of high efficiency and fast switching.
  • It offers greater power gain than the standard bipolar type transistor combined with the higher voltage operation and lower input losses.

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