Six new species of water beetle discovered in Manipur

-Scientists have discovered six new species of water beetle from water bodies of the of Manipur.

-These new species are: Enochrus nigropiceus, Chasmogenus abnormalis, Paracymus Sp, Elmomophes brevicornis, Hydrocanthus guinuoti, Helochares atropiceus.

– These species help in nutrient recycling and improving food chain in water bodies.

-These six species were discovered as part of a three year study on importance of aquatic beetle (coleoptera) in fresh eco-systems of Manipur.

-These beetles consume aquatic species like fleas, flatworms, mosquito larvae and frog tadpoles, and in this way they maintain flood balance in the water bodies.

– Zoological Survey of India (Kolkata) maintains the list of water beetles discovered in India, most in the rainy areas of north-east and Western Ghats.

-Although these species are new for Zoological Survey of India, yet locals popularly call them Tharaikokpi macha and have known them for years.

-The aquatic beetles are an indicator of health of a wetland.

-They are important in aquatic ecosystems both in larval and adult stages as they are responsible for nutrient recycling and natural food web in the freshwater eco-systems.



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