Greater flamingoes spotted at Hope Island after 25 years

  • First time after 1993, a flock of five greater flamingoes was spotted along the coast of Hope Island, which is a part of the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The long-legged and long-necked birds were last seen in a group about two and a half decades ago, while a lone flamingo was recorded in the 2016 Asian Water Bird Census at Sirra Yanam village in the East Godavari district.
  • The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over 235 sq. km., and is an abode for about 35 species of mangrove plants and another 120 species of rare birds.
  • In addition, 236 species of migratory birds are spotted in and around the sanctuary with over 60,000 water birds visiting the sanctuary every year. A group of greater flamingoes, however, was last seen here in 1993.
  • Greater flamingoes are filter feeders and get their characteristic pink colour from their diet of brine shrimps and algae available in coastal wetlands.  

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