A new, ‘Happy space suits’ to monitor symptoms of depression in astronauts

  • Researchers from Florida Polytechnic University (FPU) in the U.S  are developing ‘happy space suits.
  • What will it do: The suits can monitor symptoms of depression in astronauts, and provide real time feedback to improve the atmosphere of the spacecraft as well as boost the occupants’ mood.
  • Why: Since depression is a major problem in space, as astronauts can be adversely affected by factors like insufficient exercise, excessive exposure to light and lack of sleep. 
  • Researchers associated with the development say that ‘It’s vital for astronauts to be mentally healthy during missions and right now there’s no active, real-time solution to help them when they feel stressed or anxious.’
  • Smart Sensory Skin (S3): The technology, called Smart Sensory Skin (S3), will monitor vital signs and even their tiny changes in astronauts through wireless sensors that will then send an immediate response to improve the atmosphere.  

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