First butterfly park of Madhya Pradesh inaugurated

  • Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker Sitasaran Sharma on February 16, 2018, dedicated the first butterfly park of the state at Gopalpur in Raisen district. 
  • This park houses 65 species of the colourful insect  and  nearly 137 plant varieties. 
  • As per the state forest department, the park is an important initiative to conserve nature.
  • The beautiful butterflies of this park will attract people, especially children,  and it will help them increase their knowledge about butterflies and plant varieties 
  • Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh has many historical sites includin two UNESCO heritge sites; Bhimbethika cave paintings of Neolithic age and the famous Sanchi Stupa built by Ashoka the great. Raisen district is also famous for Bhojpur, which was built by the legendry Parmar King of Dhar, Raja Bhoj (1010-53). 

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