DAC Approves for Acquisition of Defence Equipment worth Rs 3000 cr

  • The Defence Acquisitions Council, chaired by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on December 1, 2018 accorded approval for acquisition of defence equipments worth 3000 crore rupees. 
  • The Council granted approval for procurement of indigenous Brahmos Missiles for two Indian Navy Ships to be built in Russia.
  • The indigenously designed Brahmos Missile is a tested and proven supersonic cruise missile and will form the primary weapon on-board these ships.
  • The Defence Acquisitions Council also approved the procurement of Armoured Recovery Vehicles, ARVs for the Indian Army’s main Battle Tank Arjun. 
  • The ARVs are designed and developed by the DRDO and will be manufactured by Bharat Earth Movers Limited, BEML. 
  • The Armoured Recovery Vehicles ensure efficient and speedy repair and recovery operations during combat.

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