‘Dr Harsh Vardhan’ mobile app launched

  • In an effort to transform environment protection into a peoples’ movement, a digital mobile application was launched by the Union Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change on 28 February 2018.
  • The App, named “Dr Harsh Vardhan”, focuses on his social & public activities and involvement of citizens in “Green Good Deeds” movement, which urges people to perform at least one Green Good Deed every day.
  • Some of the 500 Green Good Deeds listed in the Mobile App include – planting trees, saving energy, conserving water, use of public transport and promoting carpool. 
  • The objective of transforming Green Good Deeds into a peoples’ movement can be best achieved by starting mass digital campaigns that can reach out to youth and children. 
  • The digital connect can change the way people think and change the way they act, thereby changing the relationship between public representatives and citizens.
  •  Connect with Me: A two-way digital communication tool – ‘Connect with Me’ is a unique feature of the Application.  This provides six different ways of direct connection – Social Corner, Send Video/Photo, Join My Initiative, Cast Your Vote, Submit An Idea and Chat Room. It also affords citizens an opportunity to directly submit their feedback and suggestions on a variety of issues. 
  • The mobile application can also ‘Live stream’ important national and international events.

About ‘Green Good Deed’ movement

  • Green Good Deeds campaign has been launched the Union Environment Ministry to sensitise the people and students, in particular, about climate change and global warming.
  • The campaign urges people to perform at least one Green Good Deed every day.

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